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  1. You'd be surprised but I didn't use a tank in my PotD playthrough. People tend to forget that PoE is not a MMO
  2. The single player gameplay in Starcraft 2 is NOT the same as Starcraft, where you played each race in turn in missions you could create yourself in the editor, using the same reskinned interface for each race. Each Starcraft 2 campaign has it's own unique "out of battle" interface and gameplay, nor are you necessarily tied to playing as only one race. Did you know "Wings of Victory" included half a dozen Protoss missions? Considering Starcraft earns most of it's revenue through multiplayer, Blizzard put an awful lot of effort into their single player gameplay. Sure, Blizzard games
  3. It is not like they released a new game, however. It's just modernizing it a bit, the amount of work is incomparable to creating a game like BG2 from a scratch. I'm sure both BG2EE and IWDEE were profitable compared to the amount of work they needed.
  4. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/pillars-of-eternity-getting-first-expansion-the-wh/1100-6428259/
  5. I am playing PotD with a party of non min-maxed chars and it's not that hard. I don't even use Slicken :D
  6. I believe the best way is DR and DT together, like it was in Fallout 1 and 2. This system allows for very varied armor types (Leather has DR but no DT, Mail has both but not as much, Plate has a lot of DT but not a lot of DR) and just easier to balance overall
  7. If a dwarf dies in a cave and no one is around to witness it, is the combat mechanic flawed?
  8. Game supports modding, although complex mods need paid version of Unity (because Unity 4.x's paid and free versions don't always have compatible files, if they upgrade to Unity 5 this hindrance would vanish) and their file structure isn't easiest to understand. They don't offer mod tools, because they don't have tools that they could offer, So...you can Mod the game, but there is no specific support for modding. This would explain why there aren't many mods for it (if any). For a CRPG, especially an Indie CRPG supporting mods improves the longevity and sales for the game. I w
  9. This would make sense if the game wasn't released to the public, but... It is. Surely, given a released product one can reasonably pass judgement on it -- understanding, of course, that others might disagree. If X has released products A, B, and C to widespread acclaim (and possibly to your own acclaim), and has now released product D that doesn't receive widespread acclaim (and/or your personal evaluation is that it is inferior), then it is flatly absurd to argue (as you seem to be arguing here) that "D must be as good as A, B, and C: the defect is in your perception of the product."
  10. This is irrelevant -- the fundamental issue is that the Project Manager (Saywer) simply doesn't believe that the Baldur's Gate games (1 or 2) were very good, and believes that the IWD games are as good as they are despite being saddled with the AD&D ruleset (e.g. they would have been better had a different ruleset been followed). If this had been widely known during the Kickstarter, I suspect that it wouldn't have been as successful as it was. Yea so PoE was doomed to be worse by default I suppose...PoE is saddled with his ****ty version of D&D or w/e the hell crap mechanic
  11. Actually, I have to agree with you or whomever the quote belongs: there is too much combat which feels like "filler". You can mostly feel that in Wilderness areas: there are enemies every five meters. I mean yes, the wilderness should be dangerous. But not filled up to the top with creatures which attack you on sight. BG and BG2 felt much more organic in this.
  12. Making different shapeshifts feel different is actually a question of tweaking some numbers so it's not that difficult. For example, bear form: increase the DR, decrease the deflection and reflection, serious buff to HP, high damage but low accuracy, high Will defense. So, effective against units with low deflection but high HP, good tank but vulnerable to spells. And the Stag form - high deflection, reflex and accuracy, movement speed but lower damage, lower Fortitude and HP. Effective against mages and other low-DR enemies, but is not that effective against heavily armed melee fighters. Et
  13. Have you heard the saying "Fight fire with fire" ? Maybe if you hit fire elementals with fire, it depletes all oxygen around them and they can't burn anymore ? I agree about oozes. It makes sense, they have no up and down. But spirits - how do you know how something as insubstantial as spirit "works" ? Besides, shadows in PoE are described as attracting matter to them as they grow stronger. They are partially substantial. I don't know about scrolls and potions, but they could make more use of their abilities. Currently enemies only have endurance, and outright die when you bring them down
  14. Theoretically it all sounds right. However, the implementation is so horrible that after spending two hours creating and leveling my char in SoZ (OMG! So many options!) I played for two more hours and gave up. All the theoretical coolness of multiclasses and thousands of perks don't matter if the game is just simply not fun.
  15. In other words, you want the combat from Dragon Age 2 in PoE? That's... that's just... Nope, I don't have the words. I never played any DA after the first.. And i don't see anything wrong with the suggestions. Also, I'd like to see more enemies using stealth or invisibility... For example a group of Leaden Key assassins which are all rogues and use Shadowing Beyond repeatedly. Or groups of casters. I'd strongly recommend picking up DA2 and playing it -- as the previous poster pointed out, DA2 implemented many of your suggestions, most particularly enemies that spam abilities (es
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