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  1. For fans of Tribes: Midair by Archetype Studios
  2. Here's a neat little game: Empires of the Undergrowth Definitely liking how Dungeon Keeperish the nest construction is looking.
  3. "from syllables of different languages" What kind of nonsensical snowflake way of naming yourself is that? That seems an unnecessarily convoluted way of doing things with the express purpose of making something seem "deep". Besides, syllables taken from a language without the rest of the word are just gobbledygook sounds. "wa" and "ter" are both syllables, yet have no meaning unless put together. Edit: Anyhow the character may be hamfisted, but I've seen people basing their entire negative review off that character's inclusion. That's assholish. Don't do that. Also don't start off your review with "I have nothing against LGBT folks but" and then write a long screed about exactly that. That is also assholish. Don't do it.
  4. I wonder who owns the Tyranny IP? Does it belong to Paradox or did Obsidian manage to retain ownership?
  5. Hopefully this game gives me the chance to be a lich. It's all I ever wanted. Well, probably not but a man can dream, and the setting and premise would be ideal for it.
  6. Why not? It's rare enough that we get games that really let you be actually evil, but if the premise of a game is that you're serving an Evil Overlord, it should really be an Evil Overlord.
  7. Isn't this broadly similar to an old pitch by Chris Avellone that went by the name Defiance?
  8. Pity this isn't going to make it. It looks good. CONSORTIUM: The Tower Love me some immersive sims, there aren't enough around.
  9. It's been stagnant and rotting for a while. Recent events have pretty much just ensured that it's nothing but a hollowed out corpse. Oh there will be those that use the tag as a community thing, and there will be others that hang onto it for every scrap of relevance they can muster, but as a driving force and a catalyst it is very much dead.
  10. Affleck is going intense for Bruce Wayne. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_peXtNpuIJs
  11. There was a young maid from Madras Who had a magnificent ass; Not rounded and pink, As you probably think - It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass.
  12. For the past few years everything written under the WoD label has been outsourced to Onyx Path despite the IP still being under the White Wolf umbrella. White Wolf is now presumably once again doing everything for WoD in-house instead of getting Onyx Path to do it.
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