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  1. Bull ****ing ****. that Alpha Protocol deserved the reviews it got... That's just PURE BULL****!!!! The Damn game is 1 of the Top Ten of All-time and I have played all of the RPG's that matter!! What a jackass you are!! Yeah, but I see BS in what you're on about. Have you played Mass Effect 2? Whether a person likes the action-focus trend of many RPGs these days, ME2 deserves all the praise it gets. There are niggling issues here and there, but overall it reeks of pure quality. The same can be said for those other games ('cept maybe Oblivion, which I thought was over-hyped). I love Obsidian
  2. What's the big deal on having 3D for a RPG?? Its not like its some new idea!! Sheeze, get a life!!
  3. Hi I saw this tweet https://twitter.com/Obsidian/status/659784786479738880 and was curious about the possibility of Obsidian Entertainment developing a sequel for Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines now tha t Paradox Interactive owns the right to White Wolf Publishing. Just want to say that MANY friends of mine LOVE the idea and would open to a Kickstarter for it as well.
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