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  1. I've already posted this elsewhere, but I've finally played AP and I can say that, IMO, the majority of criticism is unwarranted and hypocritical since many "AAA" games such as Mass Effect, Oblivion and Fable 2 have the same issues that AP has.
  2. Let me start by saying that I am not new to the RPG genre at all. I have played many RPGs, including more traditional ones such as Oblivion, Dragon Age, Fallout 3, Deus Ex and Mass Effect, and I've played action RPGs such as Fable, Fable 2 and Mass Effect 2. The first thing I'll say about Alpha Protocol is that, as I suspected, the overall criticism the game is receiving is, IMO, unwarranted and very much hypocritical. I've played the game for about an hour now (I've just passed the opening tutorial segment), and so far, the only issues I've experienced are texture pop-in, somewhat clunky
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. It would seem that, much like Deadly Premonition, AP has garnered a cult following. I loved Deadly Premonition. I'm picking up AP as soon as I get off work today and I'll be sure to post my impressions as an RPG player and as a vet gamer. I'm sure I'll find that the criticism is not entirely justified.
  4. Okay, maybe the title is overly dramatic, but I feel that it's appropriate considering that AP is an espionage game. Here's my problem. I have noticed that the majority of complaints that reviewers have had with AP (framerate issues, graphical issues, animation issues, combat mechanics issues, A.I. issues, etc.) were present in several other games such as The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fable 2, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. However, all those games were highly received by the same reviewers that lambasted AP. Whether or not the reviewers had a personal grudge against Sega
  5. Here's the way it is. If someone posts something on the internet, most people take it at face value, much like they do if the media reports something. The reason for this is that people are stupid. While the anonymous post in question may be the opinion of a former AP developer, we'll never know for sure as there is no credible evidence that the anonymous poster was in fact a developer. I have noticed that the majority of complaints that reviewers had with AP (framerate issues, graphical issues, animation issues, combat mechanics issues, A.I. issues, etc.) were present in several o
  6. I remember you from the Xbox.com forums. Didn't you have a Condemned avatar? Anyways, Too Human was very solid and I really enjoyed it. The difficulty spikes were pretty insane, though. And I love Deadly Premonition! Weirdest and most awesome game in a while, I say. For a very long time, yes, I did have a Condemned gamerpic.
  7. Three games that I can think of at the moment that were bashed universally that I really liked were Too Human, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails and Deadly Premonition. All three games were flawed, yet I was able to see past those flaws and enjoy the games for what they were. Some of my favorite games of all time have been given less than stellar review scores, therefore I don't trust the "professional", corporate reviews, or even a majority of user reviews for that matter. I haven't played AP yet, and I won't until Tuesday, June 1, so I can't say with any certainty that I will like or di
  8. To be honest I don't remember any DA:O bashing at all. Here's one example.
  9. The "professional" corporate reviews mean nothing to me. Dragon Age: Origins was bashed by many corporate reviewers, yet I loved the game. I'm sure I'll enjoy AP.
  10. I have yet to play AP myself, but many who have it already are posting their user reviews that are in line with some of the "professional" corporate reviews. Based on the vast majority of user review comments, it seems to me that one of the primary problems is that people were expecting AP to have similar gameplay to games such as Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid. This baffles me personally since it clearly says on the game case "The Espionage RPG", NOT "The Espionage Stealth Action Game". Many have compared AP to Mass Effect 2. While there are some similarities, the combat cannot be
  11. Overall game length is relative. Two recent games that are said to be quite short (Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption), took me a substantial amount of time to beat (approx. 15 hours for Alan Wake and approx. 40 hours for Red Dead Redemption). Granted, I am a completionist. Mass Effect 2, a recent western RPG, took me just over 60 hours to beat, and that was said to be relatively short. I'm quite sure that Alpha Protocol will take me no less than between 20 to 30 hours to beat on my first playthrough, although it will probably take me longer.
  12. I know it was released two weeks ago, but since I didn't see it posted, and since it is fairly recent, I felt that I needed to post it. If it was already posted, I apologize.
  13. Here's a recent video preview from Gametrailers for Alpha Protocol with plenty of in-game footage. And it's even in HD. Enjoy.
  14. The guns are real but their names are not.
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