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  1. Nothing wrong at all, I like Wolfestein and Doom series and similar (duke nuken, heretic,etc)... I've still got the original 3.5" disks from the times when a game fit in 3Mb... and I think eventually video games will be multi-platform, despite the current war between consoles-pc, which is good. Perhaps following the line of the Force Unleashed...
  2. That explains much, thank you for clarify... FPS game isn't?... yeah, I just had to get back to the chronicles... yeah, dead boring... well. soon you'll be able to play it in your mobile... life is good... ..what? You have been able to play Doom on your mobile for a while now. Not to mention the awesome Carmack-blessed Doom RPG. It's much better on the DS, though. And it will come to ipad or tablet... lovely
  3. Indeed, since AP is a solo driven game... no party members, therefore not going all along the game with those members, they are no characters.... indeed, as for the dialogue to spend 2 minutes to make decisions is too hard, you need to spend 10 hours chatting "plainly crap" (sic) with your party members... yes, AP is pure crap... no party, no 10 hours dialogue, outcome from decisions and you play by your own... so lonely and scary.... funny isn't?... it just makes me play NWN2, indeed....
  4. That explains much, thank you for clarify... FPS game isn't?... yeah, I just had to get back to the chronicles... yeah, dead boring... well. soon you'll be able to play it in your mobile... life is good...
  5. This game is innovative in many ways, from the dialogue to the character development. It could have been a great IP if the development continues. Perhaps using other engine, as Havoc used in Assassin's Creed 2 and keeping the same dialogue and else. This is the first RPG where the acquittance to a character is not based on 30 minutes of useless dialogue, the relationships are formed from close to reality conversations, you don't need to spend all the game with a character as a companion to grant her favours. Certainly the combat mechanics are new, you really need to think before to get engage into a fight, and be good with your weapon of choice... I understand why people were frustrated specially with the aiming, while in other games as Borderlands or ME2 you aim and hit, even if you aim close, you hit... not in AP, which is another innovation... I hope all those new innovations would be taken by Obsidian for their new RPG games... Thank you, Obsidian. Not many people like this game but the ones who like it, they love it...
  6. Indeed, because all that hype, if you compare the previews by Gamespot and else back on 09, they were hopeful... but still, ME2 would have been rated better because of the TPS, animations and graphics, but not in the RPG elements... not to mention the dialogue... even if Volourm and Purcake dislike...
  7. What people really disregard, especially Volourm et al, is that in marketing, you create a momentum with previews, "first hands on" and the such, the AP momentum was created on 09, even in 08... if you read all the previews, you'll see all that anticipation... Obsidian finished AP on the summer of 09, aiming for a launch in 10-11 2009... it was really stupid to back off the launch because on those dates other RPG's went into the market: DAO, Divinity 2, for example. If SEGA would have launched the game on oct. 09, there would have been a good additional percentage of sales above the actual sales on 2010... even at the range of 20% ( which is good)... if you compared all the games launched on oct 09, you can realise that AP would have got a good sale figure because there was an anticipation, people was looking forward to play AP... an example: DAO, people bought the game because all the marketing and anticipation, if the game (from Xbox 360 point of view) became the best selling game RPG and worst resold RPG, is because of the magic of marketing... Volourm et al, cannot approved, but I've got friends in the GAME shops in UK, that can tell the game that was returned the most in Xbox 360 so far has been DAO... if you want to resell it, they will give you 10 pounds at the most
  8. I agree with most of the posters, that "genius" marketing move to delay the original launch, it did hurt more the sales... if AP would have been release by Oct '09, more people would have buy it, because there was not ME2 reference... AP looks better than ME1, that would be the reference, so when ME2 came out, people would say it is better than AP, but still, the sales would have been better than the ones on this year... Too many bad decisions... pity, indeed... I only hope the dialogue and RPG elements could be used for another RPG games...
  9. Riding with you? what is Heck/Leland doing on your boat? I only know if I can help it I would have Scarlet riding on MY boat LOL, I meant Scarlet riding with me somewhere inside the boat...
  10. Not to forget the secret romance... some members of the forum had experienced it ... using the cone... ewww!!
  11. Pity, you end riding the boat , not Scarlet riding with you "in" the boat... as any decent Bond finale,
  12. Ehem, still you repeated yourself twice, mentioned Bio's name twice.... if that is not (under your true parameters) being a "crybabie"... you really cried louder (twice) than everyone else... still Tigranes, heard you mate... BUT it's better to say that you love ME2, I do as well, but I never denied the "fact" (from my point of view) that it has been "sexed" as a TPS in order to gain a massive acceptance... and above all, I never tried to make my own opinion and thoughts better or above the members' opinions of this forums, still I do not try to defend a lost ground...
  13. Quite sensible post, for the sake why you started, beyond Bullurn's facts, sorry typo Volourn's facts... Returning to the Obsidian's figures, the sales are at the level of a good RPG... not impressive but maintaining that bar....
  14. To say "several" implies at least 6 reasons, so far you give only 3, which lies on "some" not "several", as you dismissed my "conjecture" affirmations, and PLEASE define an (sic) " an action rpg"... and please give facts of this affirmation, if not, do not conjecture: (sic) "BIO's history of games shows that their games would sell even if it isn't a shooter"... other than you are a die hard Bio fan... and supporting, (sic) " c) ME series sold because of BIO's name"... Plain and simple, you are posting in the wrong forum, need assurance, here you go... here, your "facts" and plain truths shall be cherished... In plain and simple terms, you are talking bullocks, and this is not the forum to indulge you... In that tone, Rockstar Games, shall sell 10 times more than Bio, because they are focused in shooter market, and still it gives them an edge to be at the same level... with all and your "Bio facts" ME2 figures are falling short compared to RDR and other shooters... what you can not digest is that Bio went after the shooter market and succeeded in a degree, but utterly failed in the RPG market... Bioware is not longer a RPG, is a cash machine for EA... of course conjectures... failing miserably to the fact that the rest of the forum members see you as a Biow die hard fan... but still you won't agree because it needs your approval...
  15. It depends, because the "overpowered" chain shot and shadow operative, make sense playing on hard... of course, if you want to make your life easy and stress less.., yes, such abilities are overpowered in normal mode, but in hard, they come as a bliss. it also depends on how you play, if you always used them, it feels overpowered, a la FO VATS, DAO mages, ME2's singularity, stealth... etc... but so far there's no "overpower" complains... they are just right Talking about such games, the cooldown is ridiculously fast, VATS with all perks is around 15 seconds, stealth in ME2 is 6 seconds and SO is 20 seconds... just an example, of course
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