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  1. Alpha Protocol sold 1,5 million copies in ONE day. Where did you get this number from, because 1,5 million copies in a day is amazing. He was joking. Though in that message isn't obvious he clarified it after Tigranes' post. (sorry for my poor english) Eh eh, is correct. OT: I think we have two things in common: A) we share the fateful destiny of "survival" in Italy B) if I correctly interpret your photo, we're both battlestarholics
  2. (sorry for my poor english) I agree with you. I tried three times to put an end to this nonsense, and bring the discussion to the subject matter, but did not succeed. The first time rationally, the second time courtesy, the third ironically. But it didn't work.
  3. Alpha Protocol sold 1,5 million copies in ONE day.
  4. Tigranes' links do not indicate 3 million unit sales. Why do you continue to misrepresent other people's posts in attempts to support your incorrect statements? (sorry for my poor english) Probably because it was he who said that Mass Effect has sold 3 million copies (page 3, post 38: "Huh? ME2 has sold, at minimum, around 3mil copies"). @Zkylon Forgive me, but why do you continue a meaningless debate?
  5. (sorry for my poor english) I opened this topic, so I kindly ask to everyone to avoid responding to provocations by Volourn, or to open another topic on this specific object of discussion (ME2 sales). I quoted two statements from EA, which are not interpretable: if EA has officially stated that Mass Effect has sold 1.6 million copies (12 may 2010), then Mass Effect has sold 1.6 million copies: there is nothing more to say. Unless you think that EA officially declares an infinitely smaller number of copies sold, for a reason that is not understandable, this debate seems to have becom
  6. (sorry for my poor english) Ok, this is a source. Nevertheless, in a my research on the web, all sources (including NPD) reported a number of copies is between 1.6 and 1.8 million copies. The only source that report the numbers of 6.6 million copies is the one you mentioned. All those who discussed the reliability of these numbers (even the official Bioware forum) say are not reliable. For badkenbad, a user of Bioware Official Forum: And this is a transcript of "Electronic Arts Q4 2010 Earnings Call" (12 may 2010): http://seekingalpha.com/article/204598-ele...call-transcript .
  7. (sorry for my english) Is this a joke or what? Really, are you serious? Anyway, I just read that Alpha Protocol has sold 15 million copies. Unfortunately I can't remember where I read it, but it does not matter, remains a "fact". You want to talk about the 15 million copies sold by Alpha Protocol?
  8. (sorry for my poor english) Forgive me, but your statement is unacceptable in any context of discussion. A fact is a fact because you say it is a fact? If it were true what you say, then anyone could say anything, and then add "for me is a fact, then I do not have to prove it." Maybe you're confusing opinion and fact. In any case, your mysterious source is more reliable than the official statement from EA?
  9. (sorry for my poor english) 3 million copies? Ok, it might be true, but you could quote a reliable source for these numbers? I say this because for EA, at 31 March 2010, Mass Effect 2 has sold 1.6 million copies. It is possible that Mass Effect 2 has sold 1.4 million copies between April 1 and June 25 2010?
  10. Depends on the amount spent on the game. For example Mirrors Edge was considered a failure(EA), it's now at 1.83mil (360/PS3). Or to use another Sega title, AvP, which is currently at 1.36mil and was(I believe) considered a success. If I were to hazard a guess though, 300,000 is not going to encourage a sequel. (Sorry for my poor english) I didn't know that Mirror's Edge had sold so much (IMHO a great game, aesthetically one of the best in this videogame generation). The thing that I don't understand is: how can Mirror's Edge be considered a failure, having sold 1.83 million co
  11. (Sorry for my poor english) I agree with you. Only one thing (which I have already said in another post): you forgot to say that Mass Effect 2 story is a shameless plagiarism of a recent and famous "Sci-Fi Opera". For me this is important, but no reviewer has said a word about this plagiarism. Why do you think this plagiarism is being ignored?
  12. (sorry for my poor english) VGChartz reports that Alpha Protocol sales (only on Ps3 and XBOX 360) are around 200,000 copies (12 June 2010). Are too few to hope for a sequel or a DLC?
  13. (sorry for my poor english) I agree with you on everything you wrote. But you forgot to add that the story in Mass Effect 2 is a shameful plagiarism....especially the final mission. I think is a scandal that no reviewer has pointed out this thing. This is the big differences between Bioware and Obsidian: Bioware has some good technicians, but they don't have Chris Avellone and his team.
  14. I have no idea where that quote is from, but what game has face customization affect gameplay? Seriously, if that is a complaint, then I am stunned, Fallout, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Sims 3, all these great games have facial customization, not one of them affected gameplay. I would love to see the kind of futuristic game that recognises how ugly you made your character and has NPC's insult your face when you pass by. Or even sees you as attractive and hits on you all the time. (sorry for my poor english) As I said earlier, the problem with this type of reviewe
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