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  1. Crap happens. So many people are excited from the overload of awesome.
  2. So will Michael Thorton be in this? I assume not. Whatever it is, I'm excited.
  3. I disagree wholeheartedly with your thoughts, TC. Honestly, I find Dungeon Siege III to be a challenging and worthwhile role-playing game of the isometric dungeon crawler variety. I keep hearing so much negativity, yet I can't really understand most of it. Sure, there are legitimate complaints, no doubt; however, I do find it quite peculiar when someone goes as far as saying it's "crap" or whatever; there's legitimate gripes, then there's hyperbole.
  4. True. I saw this on Neogaf and everyone acted like they were a sinking ship. Now I'll wait until I respond to these stories, as the gaming press and the people who comment on it usually blow things out of proportion.
  5. Well, this just bites. I hate this generation, this lousy economy, etc. God speed to all those who lost their job. I hope Obsidian sticks around for many more years to come. You're one of the best developers ever and you'd be sorely missed.
  6. So I wonder how many games will be further delayed from their June release? As it is right now, there are a ton of titles in June. It seems like everyone wanted to avoid L.A. Noire, so now we have Dungeon Siege, Alice, Shadows of the Damned, Duke Nukem, and Infamous. Personally, I'm saving up all of my pennies for these June releases, and if any are delayed, then I'll just play the waiting game. Being a fan of games, I'm used to developers/publishers not being able to nail a specific date.
  7. Yes, thank you. I've enjoyed Alpha Protocol many times over.
  8. Not a clue. I've played higher rated RPG titles with far more issues.
  9. I've completed Alpha Protocol a total of 7 times now. Despite its issues, which are minor, IMO, Alpha Protocol is a classic and it'll never leave my gaming collection.
  10. Alpha Protocol is fantastic and anyone who says otherwise is truly delusional. I've come to expect some unpolished portions in Obsidian's games. It comes with the territory. Aside from the unpolished nature of many thing in their titles (including AP), the pros always outweigh the cons. You can fault Obsidian games for many things, but for a gamer with the thirst for something nice and fresh, or just well done story/dialogue wise, Obsidian always hits it out of the park for me. And while some can whine about the gameplay in this and other Obsidian titles, I've always enjoyed it,
  11. This shows that you're not aware of Sega's love with failure.
  12. Something that is playable from beginning to end is not "broken". Please use correct terms to express things. Thanks.
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