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  1. I am not a troll i was making a formal complaint because of the difference in quality between dungeon siege 2 and dungeon siege 3 can anyone else not see the difference? they have raped the dungeon siege franchise by making the leveling to simple and no map thier is no complex strategical play to this game whatso ever!
  2. i should be able to say my peace on this forum the game doesnt even have a map and it badly needs one. you only get to control 1 character dungeon siege 2 rocked it was awsome this game is crap you only get to put 6 or 8 points into the same ability i want my money back i baught it for pc and ps3 at parts of the game i dont know where i am going because thier is no map where is the strategy in putting 6 points into a skill? you have to use skills u dont want in order to spend all your points the game sucks its crap its to easy the strategy is to simple its made for 5 year olds an
  3. what are u on about dungeon siege 2 was great you only menssion dungeon siege 1 which was good but no where near as good as the second one
  4. the release date is in 5 weeks so were is the demo?
  5. I want one too! Unfortunately I don't think anyone has one now... Nor do I think they plan on releasing one any time soon. =P that sucks dungeon siege 2 had a great demo
  6. i want a demo to play on pc were can i get one or when can i get 1?
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