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  1. Seconded. That looks fantastic. Without a doubt that is the most BG2ish looking shot.
  2. So I donated mucho pesos to this project (through the Codex) with the understanding that I would be receiving a MCA avatar as a reward. Well? Does the M stand for Miscreant? Maybe the C really means Con-man. Maybe the A means A#$h%#e. Where's my avatar MCA? Why have you betrayed me and the rest of the codex? Why are you so bad at Arcanum? I demand answers!
  3. I want dogmeat. Yeah I know is a cliche but I want a dog as my pet. Also will rangers or druids get animal companions? Will mages get familiars? And at what levels will these thing appear.
  4. Remember in the later Ultima games where you had to actually feed your companions? When people talk about U7 being a great game (it is) they don't bring that up. Anyway food is hard to implement in a fun way.
  5. I want the one of a kind and some generic (Short Sword +2) stuff. TBH I hate the crafting system in almost all RPGs so I hope they go the BG2 route for 'crafting'. If I want to be a blacksmith I'll play a MMO.
  6. Alignment is for chumps.A good person can do bad things but it only matters if people know what he has done and care. Alignment/karma/light side/dark side should be done away with and reaction flags used for interactions. You have a list of possible outcomes for each quest/event and NPC react to them based on what they know and care about. A mob boss does not care if you killed someone but he might care if you betrayed a partner or worked with the authorities. A priest is probably more concerned with any mayhem you have caused or prevented as opposed to any political figures you have blackmailed. It's harder to script but it's better than a reputation system that only rewards 'good deeds.
  7. If I kill everyone will Biff appear and tell me I won the game?
  8. I think having class specific strongholds or a stronghold quest line that was class specific is key. I loved the stronghold quests in BG2 but the CRK stronghold in NWN2 felt like work. It was way to generic because was designed for all classes. The other option would be to have the stronghold associated with the 2md large city. Maybe a quest-line that makes you the lord or governor or whatever. Of course this could have the problem of degenerating into something like the NWN2 stronghold.
  9. Agreed. Without a level cap you need to have your entire level progression codded into the game. i would prefer this to go the route of BG/BG2 with level advancement. Or rather maybe levels 1-15 in the first game and level 16-30 in the sequel.
  10. The way they did it in PS:T was probably the best. But that game is so unlike any other party based RPG that it's hard to expect the same type of party growth. TBH the way BG/BG2 worked is fine with me.
  11. Like Ieo says this appears to be a story/plot driven game. Like the IE games it should end when the main plot ends.
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