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  1. From France, no mail, still showing "shipping soon". UK here, and same for me - nothing. Sent in a query to support, but again, nothing from there so far...
  2. No email confirmation for me (checked in my junk file too). I'm in the UK and backed at the $250 level. I don't expect a delivery estimate, but I would love some official announcement on when EU items shipped/will be shipping. Update 90 did imply that the physical goods would ship before the release date - hence the reason for delaying the physical copy of the game. If I had known shipping wasn't going to occur until after the release date anyway, I would have changed my vote (and had the disc shipped with rest of the components).
  3. Well, I went and searched for information on this mod and I found this: So, your example of a "good starting point for a romance done well" is: 1) A character from a mod. Mods have a bunch of crucial departures from the rest of the game: they do not draw from the budget of the game, and they are optional in the purest sense of the word, for example. I do not find this to be a fair comparison. Especially considering that PE will likely not let you disable parts of the character outside of the game, like the mod allows you to do. 2) A character that was not originally designed a
  4. A good starting point for a romance done well IMHO is Companion Vilja - a mod for Oblivion and Skyrim. Completely optional, the character didn't become unresponsive if you didn't woo her, any gender could woo her, the romance only developed after a lot of hours of playing (in Oblivion, it was quicker in Skyrim but they haven't finished with the Skyrim version yet) and perhaps best of all there was no sex scene - the entire relationship was extremely chaste. I think what really helped was that Vilja was a very well developed character (with contributions by Sir Terry Pratchett, of Discworld
  5. Brilliant post, I don't agree with everything but it was a brilliant post - and now I'm determined to have your hat
  6. Based on the way the internet/game forums tend to work ... not much would cease. The debate would probably just shift direction ... if/whenever the topic came up again. It's not a debate that is confined to a single game, really. Course, I'm a cynical old bat. I'm a middle aged optimistic old bat, but I'm catching you up
  7. I know, right? It's like this thread went back in time to September, with all the namecalling and such EDIT: That includes you, CrazyPea. You know, since you liked my post. I refer the right honourable gentleman to the post above this one
  8. If people are contentious, it's just due to them waging this fight way back before the Kickstarter even ended. Same old grind - some need it, some dislike it, others don't care. I wonder how much of this would cease if Obsidian made an official announcement. Brian Fargo said pretty much from the start that romances would not be a part of Torment: Tides of Numenera and people accept this. I think part of this come from not knowing one way or the other.
  9. Excuse me? You asked me if I had when you were point-scoring. LOL. * shakes head* I wasn't trying to score points, I was trying to show that I was speaking from experience in the field of actually writing romance in a mod. You, on the other hand seemed to be concerned with 'demolioshing' the 'passive/aggressive n00b of the year' (and you imply that you are not insulting).
  10. Well perhaps if you spoke with a civil tongue they could climb down from their high horses and have a civil conversation with you.
  11. No, I said it wasn't much extra work (in the sense of graft) if done at the point of character creation - i.e. if you planned it in advance and implemented during the writing phase. It becomes 'work' in (the sense of a chore) when you try to add it afterwards. Congratulations that your work was published, but was it relevant to the discussion?
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