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  1. Any Infinity Engine game, Aurora Engine game [From BioWare (Neverwinter Nights series) -The witcher used this engine], Mass Effect game or Dragon age game with out romace, would not be the same game. Romances are apart of the stories/aspects of the games in some form or another. PE with no romance would just feel wierd and could then be argueed not on par with it's predecessors.
  2. I think a sentient book (tome* ) could be interesting as long as it wasn't voiced by... well, whatever you'd call the sword's voice acting. Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt the human mage Finn was the best character out of all of them from Dragon Age: Origins (IMO). I found it sad that most compelling and entertaining NPC was in a short DLC. If the book/tomb had his quirky personality I would be very happy.
  3. You all make good points. (That is to say I agree with what you have to say). About the roll in the hay with a nun, what if Charisma is your main stat? Surely no woman says no to James Bond. XD DumpStats (Some interesting points there).
  4. How about a tomb (book) that a wizard (spell caster) bound himself to (by mistake) and with it in your inventory (or equiped?) he gives you trivial insight into the world around you, annoying at time and useful at others.
  5. The Talking Blade, Lilarcor His best quote: 'I may be an intelligent sword, but I've had no formal edumication.'
  6. After re-read the posts here and in in particular the one above me of the absolute hatred for romance. I am starting to think that those that flat out hate it are the type of players that don't read the dialog and narrative. They seem to the be players that click/press: 1. option no.1 = Good 2. option no.2 = Neutral 3. option no.2 = Evil and just get it over with, and the proceed to hack and slash. For those that read every line, and feel that every choice matters and is important, romance lends itself well to the story. My point is view is that you can see it coming, it starts of
  7. I want to thank everyone who posted in this thread, yeah I am new (and there will be other new people coming as the game gets closer to being published, so brace yourselves for more noob questions). I was just interested in knowing if they would be any and to the limit at which it would go [kids – form my point a view an epic game (time wise) spanning your and others life time]. I hear both sides of the argument for or against it and see where both sides are coming from and can't agree with either of them, bot equally valid (imo). My conclusion on the matter, I feel romance adds m
  8. How I feel about this post right now, this came to mind and seems to fit. I mean romance bad, murder okay? Double standards but that is common this subject. Lets use this as common ground for the popularity of romance mods. http://www.gibberlings3.net/romanticencounters/ “Romantic possibilities are endless. It could be a bit of flirting. Or several. Some innuendo. A lovers' quarrel. A one-night stand. Or even several nights together - with a 'morning after' and without. A dream. Or something else?” “We are attempting to give the protagonist of the game Baldur's Gate I
  9. No I didn't know that, intresting. I am used to the alignment method in games, BG2 had a reputaion system as well, going to be intresting.
  10. I would say my personal play style is Law Evil, I always take that but in truth it is Chaotic Evil. I am the kind of player that takes the quest to find the missing husband and/or return his wedding ring if he has meet his demise (always has!). So I take the quest (I want the XP and quest reward), I find it and return. Now I do one of two things, I either say no I didn't find the ring (I will sell it or keep it if useful) and get half the XP and quest item/money (or none) reward or I will say here you go, get full XP reward and quest items/gold. I then proceed to kill her and hopefully get bac
  11. Lol that was funny, good point. I actually feel bad for posting this, but wouldn't have know about the other posts anyway. Thanks for the list, I will check it out when I get a chance. It is good to see your view points on the matter.
  12. This a discussion on these topics, I AM NOT holding a debate for or against it, I actually don't care how you feel about it. I managed to find an article about should children be in the game and people were saying they should be immortal, that BS IMO if you want realism. I have played BG2 and have never killed a child, thought never even entered into my mind as an option. So my thoughts on the matter, if it bothers you don't do it, simple as that. I am new here so forgive me if it already covered and common knowledge on these topics, if it is I ask you to point me to the article/s so I can
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