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  1. Dragon Age: Origins. The Fort Drakon rescue mission. You where thrown into the gaol and two of your henchmen would have to save the day, at first without your help. It was hilarious! And if your companion´s subterfuge skills where full of fail, they could always resort to violence. The Fort Drakon rescue mission had tons or replay value, because every npc team would try a different ruse on the guards.
  2. I would like the updates weekly or so if possible, especially early in the development stage. Also, I would like the devs to let "the dust settle" a bit after they pitch their new ideas and concepts. Fan feedback is all good and proper, but everybody should perhaps relax a bit and think other people´s opinions (and their own) through before they nerdrage the forums.
  3. Skyrim has no balanced gameplay. Its predecessors have no balanced gameplay. It is a hiking simulator in a fantasy setting. I love the Bethesda experience for what it ist, a great "game" it is not. All proper games should be balanced and it should be next to impossible to exploit their rules. If it is easy to exploit, the rule system is sh....lackluster. If it is to hard, use the difficulty slider.
  4. "midget detective cipher" Someone a bit like Miles Vorkosigan? In a fantasy setting? Bring it on, Obsidian, Lois McMaster Bujold won´t mind!
  5. @PsychoBlonde: I like the way you think! Personally, I would love more or less hand placed items of power(with lore and art) best, but crafting was promised as a stretch goal and in all fairness most IE games where rather weak on crafting. I am on the fence about randomly dropped power gear, even if the percentage to get it would be low. I know it is a AD&D staple, but if the stuff is OP (for your level), the Dungeon Master could do something about that. This would be impossible for a crpg. My beef with crafting is that a) I love to futz around the workbench b) but if it is done
  6. A stellar RPG needs to excel on both. But if Obisidian drops the ball on one account, it should be the story. Better not drop it, though:-)
  7. Keys and notes are one thing. Put the first onto a ring, the second into a binder... Cool quest items should take up space in your inventory and have weight. Also, i want to be able to put that "giant red herring" I lugged around for nearly the full game onto my stronghold´s mantelpiece.
  8. Would you prefer powerful magical arms and armour to be items like most of those to be had in the BG and Icewind Dale games? Mostly unique items with preset powers? Or would it be better to use a system that accomodates the use of something like runes or gems to customize and perhaps respec magical items to your liking? Or a blend of both concepts? BG2´s Flail of Ages could be customized after a fashion. Both types of gear could/should be craftable, but a crafted item would probably lack those nice and detailed item descriptiopns of the older games.
  9. ^thought so, too. But there was this hipster watch dingus that made 10 mil. It does something smartphonish....
  10. Overall, Obsidian delivered a great campaign. Lots of updates, some concept art, music samples (the dirge is very good), Interviews, streams, reddit AMAs. And a screenshot. Oh, I like that screenshot! What did not went that well was that the planned health/stamina sytem was not outlined in some detail at the first opportunity (I am comfy with it, it has worked just fine in PnP RPGs like Midgard for more than 30 years, it will work in P:E, too). And the second thing that irked me was the late/last minute inclusion of the 4Mil stretch goal. Live instrumentation is a big, huge deal, and
  11. I was replaying the NWN 2 official campaign, which I like. Was planing to wrap it up with a run of MotB and then move on to the New Vegas Ultimate Edition, because I never played the four Fallout: NV DLC (who would just download a game or additional content, as long as they still come in boxes?) But then came XCOM and now I have to save this world again from the alien menace.
  12. Warum bitten wir um deine Hilfe? Wir wollen zurück zu unseren Wurzeln und ein episches Rollenspielabenteuer exklusive (should be: ...exklusiv...) für den PC erschaffen. Leider ist es fast unmöglich ein (should be: ....unmöglich, ein...) Spiel dieser Art auf traditionellem Weg zu finanzieren.
  13. Fantasie-Rollenspiel shure is nice, but could be misinterpreted. Fantasy-Rollenspiel is pretty clear cut: elves, a dwarf, dragons. Fantasie-Rollenspiel reminds me of Princess Lillifee. Would not pledge.
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