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  1. Thanks, I dont remember seeing the 2nd image!
  2. https://eternity.obsidian.net/news/update-77-art-in-alpha Armors look great but how about robe designs? As a main character I prefer to play a squishy glass cannon type character wearing a robe and slinging fireballs. Will we be seeing any robe designs?
  3. Only get to play about an hour a night so I'm not moving incredibly fast but finally OMW to Neverwinter!
  4. Replaying NWN 2!

  5. Make sure you continue the playthrough into Mask of the Betrayer, the game is incomplete without it and it's really good. I, myself have never actually played Planescape. Not being able to play as a female has usually deterred me but I know I'm missing out, so I plan on giving it a try soon. Thanks for the tip. I have MotB so I'll definitely be playing that too.
  6. I never did finish it the first time through so looking forward to the story. What Obsidian game are YOU replaying?
  7. Hopefully crafting in PE ignores what Diablo3 has done and has meaningful ingredients. Finding ingredients in containers/drops from enemies makes it so much more fun and worthwhile versus combining 37 "essences" into an item. What a bad system that is.
  8. Vanguard: SOH did a lot of things wrong but at least one thing they got right was the CE. Here's hoping the Project Eternity CE lives up the the name.
  9. Woohoo Bumped my pledge up again! Thanks Obsidian! You guys are awesome.
  10. who else is willing or has done so? The Trial of Iron (IronMan mode from Temple of Elemental Evil) and the other modes + difficulty levels are must have!
  11. http://www.vg247.com/2012/09/21/project_eternity_kickstarter_obsidian_entertainment_interview/ I thought I had kept up with the state of the information out there but this was new to me so hopefully it's new to someone else too! There's lots of interesting information in there.
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