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  1. I'd love to see an "alien" - a human from our world from some distant future equipped only with knowledge and some technology that crashed on the planet. But since it's probably impossible it would be nice to see some lesbian amazons. Whether it would be playable or only a companion doesn't matter for me.
  2. You mean a boring one, right? It's neutral. Being the one that created this poll I've chosen the "Sometimes can be interesting and motivate a player to do more than one play-through." option.
  3. I hope to see the list soon. Compiling the list of bad things is sometimes even more important than proposing good ones.But please make it a poll. More often than not things can be fixed by making them optional. A "turn-offable" pop-ups and list display would be a win-win in case of achievements.
  4. So there is no way to turn off achievement notification on Steam? I've never looked into it as they do not bother me but if that's the case I can understand your pain.
  5. Achievements: Some hate them and consider the ultimate immersion breakers. Some love them and like the ability to compare their play-throughs with others. Some don't care. I know there are a lot of people who hate achievements. As the game is going to be released on Steam I think the way the achievements will be handled (as I think that there will probably be at least some) is something worth discussing. Do you want "generic achievements" like "kill 50 x", "have 25 successful y attempts" or "get z completion rate"? I personally prefer the achievements that actually mean something. I l
  6. Since I've played TW2 I consider it the 2nd best RPG (after PS:T) ever released. The choices there really matter. It's a true "role playing". But the first Witcher is a really bad game. The plot is average, the combat is boring and the quest are of "bring ten X and five Y" kind. I recommend playing it after TW2 to get the background. Playing it before may only ruin your experience with the series.
  7. So you basically want it to be like the Witcher 2? I want the same. If the decisions and outcomes won't be as interesting and different as in Witcher I'll be greatly disappointed. Being able to choose wrong is also essential.
  8. It comes from experience. A few years back I was playing every game only with localisations - fan-made or "professional". Then I've discovered Steam. At that time most games on Steam had only English, Spanish, German and French language packs so I started playing in English. It was like a revelation. A whole new level of immersion and meaning has opened before me. When I look back I'm simply angry at local distributors that decided to put their versions on the discs (most of the time it meant that the English one was removed...). It's as if they've robbed me. My gaming experience was inferior
  9. I do not know how about others but I am against localisation because it usually means that people who choose their version will get an inferior version. If the translation will be like most on the market they will not be able to enjoy most of the easter eggs, they will be rid of language based humour and they will be unable to see a lot of cultural references. A great example is this: http://elderscrolls....ckaxe#Minecraft I've yet to hear about a translation that comes even relatively close to the original.
  10. Here I've found some in Skyrim. The polish version sounds really bad... There isn't even a guitar background. I couldn't find one for BG2 - maybe that one was better but there is no guarantee that the localisation of PE would be a good one.
  11. That's what I meant when I said "wild areas". If you go to the forest expect some predators, when you go into the wilderness expect some high level bandits. But if you stick to the path it should be relatively safe. All of that within one location.
  12. This should be asked in case someone makes a mistake and decides to put it in a game
  13. Level scaling. For me it's a curse of cRPGs. I prefer it when the monsters have a set level and venturing into a wild area means a death. I also love the feeling of an all powerful being that can kill a mere guard with a single strike. What are your thoughts?
  14. A small bit of exp for killing things would be nice, but I agree that the most experience should come from completing quests. Or they could use the third way - compensate the exp lost due to being diplomatic with bonus "successful ... attempt" points.
  15. The problem is that more often then not you can keep the original meaning but it requires thinking. And it's not worth it for the money the translators get. But the modders are free to discuss whether the term "a" or "b" is more appropriate in the context "x" for ages. As for professionals: Maybe in France they're doing a good job, but in Central Europe the translations are usually a joke. Here even the movie titles are idiotic. For example the Terminator was translated to "a mechanical killer" and Dirty Dancing to "spinning sex"...But the worst of the worst is that in almost everything publis
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