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  1. Didn't think I'd like runners starting at second base for extra innings. That said, walk-off grand slams are fun. I like it now. Creates immediate tension.
  2. Only interested if I can make the PC an Orlan grappling-focused monk/cipher with an affinity towards blunderbusses, mind-bullets, and chokes.
  3. I actually still have my Dad's copy of The Day the Universe Changed from a PBS/KQED pledge drive. Sitting prominently next to the pledge drive copies of The Power of Myth and Civilization.
  4. Close enough. Ever heard of Launch Angle?
  5. I always liked Matt Williams. Good heart of the order type with Clark and Mitchell, and later Bonds. Certainly wasn’t the a$$ that Kent and Huff were.
  6. A Hero has passed. Good Trouble.
  7. They’ll probably end up going with David Harbour to narrate.
  8. Merry Bobby Bonilla Day! Blessed is the Batsman who receives his well-deserved full salary.
  9. As much as I enjoy waiting for the adaptation of one of Martin's ABCs of Science Fiction, I'm really pumped over the return of the works of the studio that brought us Pigs in Space.
  10. Turns out it's a pretty good year for the Warriors to tank. Light Years ahead.
  11. From the Bovada Sportsbook. Odds To Win The 2020 World Series Team Odds Los Angeles Dodgers +325 New York Yankees +325 Houston Astros +750 Atlanta Braves +1500 Minnesota Twins +1800 Washington Nationals +1800 New York Mets +2000 Chicago Cubs +2200 Oakland Athletics +2200 St. Louis Cardinals +2200 Tampa Bay Rays +2200
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