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  1. The internet reminded me this occurred on this date (June 14, 1987), 34 years ago.
  2. Cain and Boyarsky had a falling out with management while working on Fallout 2. Thus, they lost creative direction on an IP they created, which blew up without them. Would be ironic if it happened all over again.
  3. Wish nothing but the best for the guy, but I'm not sure how to feel about ever seeing Kyler Murray joining that list.
  4. Hope it's not a second fall out deja vu all over again.
  5. RIP Jim Steinman. The God of Over-the-Top, Bombastic Rock Opera.
  6. 10 in a row for Oakland. Riding the wave.
  7. Didn't think I'd like runners starting at second base for extra innings. That said, walk-off grand slams are fun. I like it now. Creates immediate tension.
  8. Only interested if I can make the PC an Orlan grappling-focused monk/cipher with an affinity towards blunderbusses, mind-bullets, and chokes.
  9. I actually still have my Dad's copy of The Day the Universe Changed from a PBS/KQED pledge drive. Sitting prominently next to the pledge drive copies of The Power of Myth and Civilization.
  10. Close enough. Ever heard of Launch Angle?
  11. I always liked Matt Williams. Good heart of the order type with Clark and Mitchell, and later Bonds. Certainly wasn’t the a$$ that Kent and Huff were.
  12. A Hero has passed. Good Trouble.
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