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Found 6 results

  1. So anyone here still play RPGs? If so, what's at your table? During the pandemic, I started to GM a few games online. I really hadn't played since the AD&D 2E era back when I was a teenager. Now I'm playing in-person again. I initially got myself the 5E set and immediately disliked it. Characters are essentially superheroes and I dislike the overtly complex mechanics. Eventually I started following OSR and modern OSR circles. Games I've run and really like: Hyperborea (AD&D retroclone inspired by the stories of Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and H.P. Lovecraft) Old School Essentials (Retroclone of B/X D&D - the best D&D) Traveller (Classic. Favorite character creation system, Science Fiction or otherwise) Mothership (Survival Space Horror) Shadowdark (Played with the quickstart set and just backed her $1.3m Kickstarter. Combines old school style with modern ease-of-use mechanics. My favorite and will be the game I run permanently)
  2. So Josh Sawyer posted this poll Twitter recently, but Twitter poll durations are limited to 7 days max. I thought I might put the same question to the Obsidian community. My own opinion is that it would make a lot of sense to leverage Obsidian's existing relationship with Paizo to release a Pathfinder-compatible PoE setting sourcebook. That said, , and a significant amount of that thought went toward addressing perceived balance issues in games like DnD 3.5e and Pathfinder. It'd be a shame not to preserve that spirit in a tabletop adaptation - PoE is more than just its setting, after all.
  3. Hi folks, I've pre-ordered the Lords of the Eastern Reach and I'm pumped for it. But, last year there was discussion of a tabletop RPG for POE in addition to the LOER. Is there any news about this, official or unofficial? I enjoy this game so much, I'm dying to play a tabletop RPG based on the rules for the cRPG. Is that gonna happen? Asphodel
  4. I need ideas for a medical mystery for use in a medieaval fantasy setting. One of the players is a chirurgeon.
  5. Shadowrun Returns is on sale for the price of a beer. Should I buy the game, or a beer?
  6. After a somewhat long layoff from tabletop gaming, I started to get that itch to play again after I stumbled on to a lot of OSR (Old-school Revival) blogs and material sort of by accident. After diving in, man I've really want to put together a game of weird fantasy, free booting and swords and sorcery (basically gaming based on a mishmash of influences including: Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Jack Vance, Fritz Lieber and Micheal Moorc o ck's books). Not to disparage anyone who likes WotC's vision of D&D, but the OSR stuff has been so compelling not just because 3.x D&D (and especially 4e) finally wore me out and sort of sucked the fun out tabletop gaming for me a few years back (especially as the rules became more battle-mat focused and bogged down with "video-gamey" elements) but my best gaming memories are still of that old red box and playing Keep on the Borderlands with all of the weird Erol Otus and Russ Nicholson art that always got my creative juices flowing. So on a whim I busted out my old Basic D&D Cyclopedia and 1st ed. AD&D stuff from boxes and I even strolled over to DriverthruRPG to pick up some retro clone stuff like Dungeon Crawl Classics and I've started to rebuild my old home-brew world from memory and I'm feeling pretty inspired; writing a lot of good material, developing some good hooks, but alas no one that I know seems the least bit interested in playing something that isn't 4e or Pathfinder. So has anybody else been bitten by the OSR bug or played an old or retro-clone game recently and has any experiences or advice they'd like to share? Edit: Apparently the author the Elric, Corum, Oswald Bastable and Von Bek novels doesn't pass the swear filter?
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