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  1. On my very first playthrough with no preconceived notions about the game or spoilers for the plot, I ran a Kind Wayfarer Paladin. I had Pallegina in the group the whole way too despite the class overlap because I liked how her Paladin Order contrasted mine. At the end of the game, she ended up being cast out and joined the Kind Wayfarers. I honestly thought at the time it was something I had done and it was a unique ending for Kind Wayfarers. Then I found out it was just one of the stock endings for her. Still, it sort of bonded me to the character. Like my guy was the one who initiated her into the Order himself. And then when PoE2 was announced and Pallegina was one of only a few returning characters - and the game was to feature NPC romances, I couldn't have been more hyped! ...what a kick in the gut.
  2. I could see why having that one missing achievement for a completionist would drive them crazy and have them trade save files. It's absolute nonsense to permanently gate achievements like that, it's one thing to reward backers but another to actively punish everyone else.
  3. If you didn't like the original, I can't imagine you'll like the remake. It's a pretty faithful recreation, right down to the frustrating moments of "okay, now what am I supposed to do?" As with the original though, I'd recommend it to any classic adventure game enthusiasts.
  4. Playing some Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus.
  5. I'd been holding off on buying the game on GOG because I knew I had that sweet 50% off coupon coming to me from my backer reward. Now that I see it's Steam-only, it does me no good. So, there's a 50% off code waiting for anyone who wants one.
  6. The FEV removes primary sexual characteristics and implements strong male secondary ones. Arguing Lily is LGBT because she's literally a genderless giant with both a male (Leo) and female personality doesn't seem like a big stretch. And for Cass, she responds with positive dialogue from both male and female flirtation, it's not ambiguous. She's just not romanceable is all.
  7. Good God. Nearly twenty years working with the autistic, but the fringe internet crowd still have new terms and labels I've never heard of before.
  8. Given Obsidian's budding relationship with Pathfinder and the fact that the game is heavily based on Baldur's Gate, a D&D title itself, I think having Paizo release a 3.75ish build would be right on the money. The underappreciated coinflip. 4d2+4
  9. Well, alright. This marks the very first game I've ever supported in development. I'm really happy it's a Pillars of Eternity title, my biggest regret was not having gotten in on the first one too.
  10. I decided I wanted to help fund PoE 2 ( https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire ) and was curious if someone could answer a backer question for me. I've slowly transitioned almost all my PC games to exclusively GOG and my concern is, if I do the $45 backer with the reward of the Premium Digital, will it just give me some download for the game, or will it give me a choice of websites to unlock it on like at GOG or Steam, or... what? I'm really unfamiliar with how the process works. I'd love to be a backer, but not if it means I'm just going to end up buying another copy months down the road to have it on GOG too.
  11. I was mostly aiming to get the placement correct in my head, not the sizes and actual shapes. Honestly, when I made the map it was more to have a reference on where races generally came from. It bugs me to make lore incorrect characters. Like a Natlan from the White that Wends or an Enutanik from Rauatai.
  12. Near as I can figure based off the descriptions compiled in the Pillars of Eternity wikia, this is roughly what the world looks like. The shapes are probably way off, but the general placement should be correct, along with the available origins of playable races.
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