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  1. Wow, and now I should get some spare time for The Ulitmate... I guess rouge / something should be the way, still so many hard fights! Has anyone started the ultimate run already?
  2. I assume all this stuff is for some kind of a mod package for original game content?
  3. Thanks, seems I'll have to wait for that v4.2 to give it a full dedicated run.
  4. Haven't been here for a while. The main problem with games like Deadfire is the new generation caring less about our beloved genre, preferring something like Fortnite / Apex Legens etc... As a result -> no real money support for the devs -> no real support for the game. It's frustrating a bit to see how the whole D&D legacy is slowly dying, but I hope it will keep living in our hearts. Would you be so kind to quick update me - is turn based Deadfire still with crucial bugs / glitches?
  5. Destiny 2 takes away so much time...
  6. Oh, well, haven't been here for a while... A pity to see new problems with new turn based mode, wanted to give it a try but will hold a bit till it's polished. Cheers.
  7. Any info on when to expect shipment of the Eothas statue? On update (#49) we can see the statue near Josh, I'm just curious when I'll have mine... Writing this down cause I can't find any notes about this issue, even at backer portal.
  8. I'm hyped, but can't play it right now due working schedule. Trying to avoid any spoilers, so probably will not visit forum for some time. Congratulations with release of Deadfire though! Keep up the good work going.
  9. Maybe you've already redeemed the code? Seriously - everything worked for me just fine. Try to clear your browser cash.
  10. I smoke weed time to time. In pillars or other rpgs - it's totally fine, but bad in fast paced games (rts, fps etc.) though, cause you lose awareness and brain sharpness.
  11. By several you meant 650 known and many unknown victims? Words from wiki: she owned land in the Kingdom of Hungary (now Hungary and Slovakia) and Transylvania (now Romania) Yeah, those were the times...
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