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  1. http://press-start.com.au/news/pcmac/2016/08/15/fallout-new-orleans-trademark-registered/ please please please please please please please please please pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
  2. I cleared almost all of Raedric's Keep, save for Raedric himself (tough party to kill) and I don't really want to lose all the progress. Any ideas what to do?
  3. While I would love more companions, I just don't see what a stretch goal would be for. First off, it's nigh impossible to create a new hype that'll collect a million bucks or so. Secondly, most of us don't know what else to buy. For example, me, I live in Turkey and therefore selected "digital fun pack" for $50 (cause I don't trust any shipped item is guaranteed to reach me). I 'could' have paid more but one tier above, 'digital collectors edition' contains nothing extra, except for a beta invite, which I will not pay $60 - heck, I will not even pay $20 for that - beta testing is a servic
  4. Probably the best update yet. Awesome and original features. I especially love the idea of prison.
  5. I was impressed by WL2 game play demo. But this is a totally new level. First off it looks better than anything 3D as of 2013. Secondly the lighting and water level in 2D, blew my mind. Thirdly, the environment, water, trees, grass etc. looks live enough. I don't know about the rest of the game but aesthetically speaking, this is my thing.
  6. Well that's relieving. Still I feel like Obsidian should do it, cause of the WL2 forums, where everything is going in the path of a combat oriented hardcore game, as opposed to here where design and story is in front. And Ps:T was all about design and story.
  7. InXile just announced they will soon start a KS campaign for a soul-sequel for Planescape: Torment, named, Torment: Tides of Numenera. No, I'm nowhere nearly joyed by this news. Personally I don't trust InXile, namely Fargo 10% as much as Obsidian and I'm hating to think they grabbed the idea and the hype. For info, Brian Fargo (ex boss of interplay) re-bought the rights for Torment franchise 3 months ago. But as a person that was never in the original design team, I tend to think he doesn't deserve the right to go and pick a new team to do it, leaving out Avellone and the rest. As
  8. Is it me or is it a gnome with a dirty face there? Not my taste. Just sayin'. I expect to be surprised next time round.
  9. When I told this a few months ago people bashed me. Like most Bioware games, BG (especially 1) was looking better than what it included.
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