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  1. I'd appreciate it if they'd finish off some of the sadly unfinished character interactions, like wrap up Neeshka's plot better, and have Sand and whatshername the sorcerer fight more, that sort of thing. This may be impossible, though, since *all* of NwN2 aside from the PC was voice-acted and I doubt they'd be able to get the original voice actors back or if they'd even sound like themselves this many years later. The quantity of voice-over may make NwN2 a no-go for an Enhanced Edition, anyway. That was pretty much THE point when RPG's went from being relatively cheap things that a smal
  2. For those worrying that Obsidian will go the way of Bioware . . . I don't think that's going to happen, because Microsoft as a games publisher is a fundamentally different type of company from EA. Or Activision. Or Ubisoft. They're not, in fact, a games publisher at all. Their core business revolves around a PC operating system that, as far as gaming is concerned, enjoys near-monopoly status. (Right now, if you're a PC gamer, chances are EXTREMELY high that you run Windows on your gaming machine). They have a side business that involves producing games for their console platform--which t
  3. Srsly? Wow. Could we be looking at some kind of RPG renaissance? That would kick ass. Tell them to choke EA until they cough up Bioware, or at least the part of Bioware that does Dragon Age, before they kill that one the way they killed Mass Effect.
  4. I added all of the free DLC to my watch list and instead of giving me a download button they all say "watch now" . . . could they be marked as MOVIES somehow?
  5. Nothing seems to be working. Steam isn't even showing the free DLC in my list of available DLC's for the game. Now, before I get an endless list of suggestions to check and uncheck the DLC from my list. It is NOT LISTED. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I have restarted Steam. I have cleared my Steam download cache. I have tried adding all DLC to my cart. I am not using family sharing; I own the game myself. I have unchecked all the DLC that DOES show and re-checked it. I have started the game and exited. I have tried clicking on all the DLC bu
  6. Why are you assuming that the Watcher is a high-class, highly-educated woman (or man)? In many of the backgrounds that's not true. At all. I get no sense that Edér considers the Watcher in any way his superior. He's just a laid-back, easy-going, sort of brainless guy. Yes, he does have a type - we've seen two examples of it - but it's entirely possible to play a woman of exactly that type. And we know he's not suddenly decided on celibacy - he's quite ready to mack on Iselmyr. Saying that he's not interested in a serious relationship? Completely understandable; he's never really been i
  7. Excuse me for trying to fix the broken quote there, sorry. I hope it worked. He has a redneck accent, probably. And he acts like a "redneck" to an extent (apparently on purpose--he's smarter than he acts, but not a genius by any means). It's more apparent in Pillars 1 that he's a low-key kind of guy, he reminds me of a lot of factory workers and laborers that I've been around over the years, and most of them would rather cover themselves in honey and belly-flop on a termite mound than deal with a "high-class", highly-educated woman no matter HOW hot or nice she is. And it's not beca
  8. My take on it is that Eder has something of a low self-esteem or humility problem, and he regards the Watcher as existing on a whole different level from himself. If she condescends to be friendly with him and care about his problems and help him out, well, that just proves how awesome she is, but for him to think about her in that way, well, that just ain't right. The very thought makes him uncomfortable, like having relations with a dragon. To most people (particularly Americans, who generally internalize the idea that they're at least as good as anybody else, probably better), this wo
  9. It's hard to say. The all-voiced dialog actually makes it feel shorter to me. That and I made a conscious decision to not care about combat challenge and play on a low difficulty because the slog always ruins the late game in RPG's for me. I did absolutely everything I could find to get cheevos for Berath's Blessings, and it still didn't feel as big as the first game.
  10. That boss fight is ****ing good. In fact, that whole questline is one of my very favorites. I especially liked that the main tactic at the end of White March, "CHARGE THE HEEEEAD!", proved to be a rather bad idea here. Heh. As soon as I realized poor thing's immobile I just unleashed Aloth, Durance and my scroll collection on the poor thing, it was very anticlimactic. Also, how do you piss Galawain off? I think I hanged up on him, but apparently it wasn't enough. You have to actually shut down the machine, I believe. That whole section kinda made me laugh, like the o
  11. Well, the game is about brutal power politics. Not generally a topic very conducive to being a nice dude.
  12. On the other hand, how will we ever get the game enshrined as an Official Object of Controversy this way?
  13. Uh, okay, the "only ugly god" is Skaen somehow, when Ondra is depicted as a horrific monstrosity with an angler fish's head and eight sagging ****? Yeah. Whatever.
  14. No, that wasn't exactly what they've said. They've said that, for whatever reason, they decided to stop manifesting in physical bodies after Ondra killed Abydon. Too much collateral damage maybe? But they've discussed possessing godlike as a possible ditch plan if what Eothas was planning on doing would turn really bad for them. They discussed EATING the godlike for power if things went really bad. I suspect the major problem with embodying is that the urge to murder each other becomes overwhelming, after all, Ondra blew up Abydon back when the gods were embodied, the other gods b
  15. Wait for POE3 and a new retcon where Engwithans created the souls, and POE4 where Engwithans created Eora Was their leader called Xenu?
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