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  1. That's exactly what I have a problem with: the Watcher in conversations with Edér is written to be somewhat emotionally detached, and this limits the player's options to roleplay their character the way they see fit. It feels like an artificially imposed restriction, like an invisible wall.
  2. I find this limitation artificial. Especially with Edér, because I think if the Watcher had not been restricted to be emotionally cold towards him, Edér would not have felt like there's no place for him anywhere. Besides, if there's an option to ask Edér about feelings, then it sort of implies that the Watcher may have feelings for him too, but you never get to show this in conversations with Edér. It removes the possibility to roleplay your character as romantically interested in Edér. It was mentioned before that the game seems very aggressive about not letting the player romance Edér, and eliminating all options to show any affection for him is part of it. I guess it's because considering how easily he gets attached to people, had the Watcher shown their feelings and that they care about Edér, he could have at least get a thought that dating the Watcher might be a good thing? I mean, Edér wants to have a wife and babies and settle down. In the first Pillars there was a way to roleplay the Watcher as someone who wanted the same thing. Edér would get along very well with that kind of a Watcher, I think. Was that option blocked because they want to bring the Watcher back in the next game, but don't want to deal with a bunch of Teylecg babies?
  3. To be fair, I think fanart's contribution to the commercial succeess of both games wasn't too big. But seeing shippy art displayed and those valentine's cards - it was kind of misleading. I thought that since these 3 characters return, there will be romance options with them if we reach that goal. Because it made sense - we are already friends and all. We have things to talk about, we know each other, etc. And then in the game Edér drops everything he was doing, buys a ship, sails with you across the world. And then some of the companions make shippy comments about Edér and the Watcher? That definitely builds up expectations. And then he goes "nope, never liked you that way, I'm off to adopt that dude, bye!" That kind of feels like a blow indeed. But now I'm also thinking about the Watcher's interactions with Edér. I remember I had an option to hold Tekehu's hand when he was scared or something; there was also an option to wipe the dirt off Xoti's cheek (and ten million options to flirt with her). But you can't even pat Edér on his back in a friendly way. That's just one example. What I mean is that the Watcher doesn't get options to show Edér that they really care about him or are interested in him. I see him discussing things that he feels strongly about with Pallegina or Xoti. Like that he wants to have his own family and children, and that's why he got so excited about the possibility of having a son, and how that is not going to happen. There's no option to be really supportive, even as a friend, show him that he can talk to the Watcher about it, tell him his emotions are valid and you understand, give him a hug. No wonder he doesn't want to date that cold woman. But that's not how the relationship between the Watcher and Edér was in the first game. I rememebr we could have a talk where he was processing his feelings about why his brother fought for Eothas, and we could voice our opinion and influence his life is a meaningful way. This time the Watcher doesn't get any options like that. And the Watcher also doesn't get options to be more light-hearted and maybe even flirty, like with other companions. And I have a problem with these options being denied to the player. Because the way I was roleplaying my Watcher - she'd give Edér all the hugs, bake him a pie and give him a puppy. Just to make him feel really loved and appreciated, even as a friend. She would let him know that he already has a family - that's Watcher, Steward, and Cosmo And Aloth.
  4. I think I accidentally posted to the wrong forum. This bug was in the game from the start, not in the patches.
  5. The bug was reported for the beta, but it remains in the game. Haven't seen it among the reported bugs (but I apologise if it's been reported and I missed it) Here's when the first game starts: Here's when the second game starts: The second game should begin around 2828 AI, not 2823 AI. How to recreate: start a new game, check the date.
  6. That's spoilers. Regarding reasons for Edér not to be romantically interested: it's one thing if he kept doing what he was doing in the first game, and the Watcher could never bring this up, or if the Watcher brought it up, and Edér said, "Sorry, I consider you my baby sister, and I love you like a baby sister." That's fine. But if we can ask him about his feelings, and he gives this very confusing speech about how he can't move on for 20 years but it's fine? What is this? Such finality, like he already decided his life is over, but there is absolutely no reason for it to be over? He's not even old, and his life is not even that bad.
  7. Like Barik in Tyranny. My biggest fear for Edér! Although Barik at least got his issues resolved in the DLC.
  8. I think in the endings where we didn't save the kid he's too unhappy. I bet the guilt will plague him forever, and that's why I will always do my best to save Bearn. He'll grow up and marry and make Edér a grandpa (granduncle?) in a couple of years, and then Edér can go back to the Watcher (I hope). So I agree there's still hope. I just feel like his potential in Deadfire was wasted, and some of his character development from the first game ignored or oversimplified or retconned. Fingers crossed for more companions stuff in DLCs/future updates.
  9. Edér "not being good at committed relationships" thesis is literally based on one line from his short story about getting tired of relationships with women like Elafa or Iselmyr (or even Xoti, I guess, the way she was chasing him and the Watcher ). He acknowledges that he can't be in relationships based on crazy banging for long, that's all. Because they are fun at first, but tiresome. I could assume that the Watcher has a crazy life, and Edér just wants to puff his pipe and pet all the dogs. There even was a line he throws somewhere early in the game about how you tend to get in trouble, and there's a hint of accusation in it. I'll look for the screenshot. But he never calls it an issue and indeed stays with the Watcher in some of the endings, which means this life suits him fine, and the Watcher suits him fine, and there's only this mysterious issue in his head which he clings to for no reason, and it makes him wait for something, even when he knows he only has one life now.
  10. If you think about it, the impossibility of having a family with the Watcher also can't be considered a block, because some Watchers adopted Vela and she's still alive somehow, so some Watchers are probably more or less ok as parents And if Edér really wants children, that's already one daughter, and they could adopt Bearn and live all together. So nope, I'm not buying that as well. The Watcher can be anyone. There might be a Watcher who is pretty much everything Edér has ever wanted
  11. I don't think Watcher's creepy abilities are the reason. Because when you ask him what he's feeling for you, he says he actually has a lot of curiosity about these abilities. And he always says that you are great, and he's very fond of you, and very loyal and protective, and you are NOT the reason why he can't fall in love. The reason is that weird explanation about waiting for something that will never happen. And it sounds really weird, because it's like he knows he has a problem, and it prevents him from getting something he wants in life, but he doesn't want to do anything about it. A friend of mine said that it's like he's deliberately building walls around himself, but it's never explained why he does that.
  12. I figured Edér wanted a family. That's pretty much what his short story was about. And that's what I find odd, because he clearly considers the Watcher (male, female, Orlan, Godlike, whatever) to be his family. He drops everything he was doing, digs out the Watcher and sails across the world for a faint chance that maybe it will help his friend not to die. You don't do that kind of thing for just anybody. And later he admits that this relationship is closer to anything he had in a very long time. But the way he repels the romance is pretty much this: he says that he can't have any romantic feelings, because he didn't sort out some issues from 20 years ago, and he's waiting for some mysterious things that he knows will never happen, but he's set on waiting for them until the next life, which we know now will also never happen, so that reasoning just sounds really bizarre.
  13. This. Edér was a mayor of a pretty big town, situated on one of the main roads, just a day away from Caed Nua, and the Watcher apparently spent all 5 years sitting in Caed Nua, sleeping like some cursed princess the whole time, never going for a ride, never visiting the neighbours and old friends (in my ending GM, Edér, Durance and Hiravias were somewhere around). That's just so weird that the Watcher had no contacts with any of the old friends.
  14. No, it only gets mentioned in the epilogue that he comes back to your ship. So you can't roleplay it. You can kick him out when he tells you "in another life", something like "I don't want to travel with you anymore!" He sounds slightly offended but leaves without much drama.
  15. He's not that old. According to the strategy guide he was 32 in the first game, so now he's 37. That's not old at all. Oh alright. Must have been a bug on my part then. I solved the quest well and saved Bearn, but never got a follow-up conversation. I wonder if I got the same bug. Sometimes "this character wants to talk to you" icon appears on them, but they say nothing new. The only conversation I got from Edér afer the quest was the one where he friendzoned the Watcher and asked if he should adopt Elafa's kid (who should be about as old as Edér was when he went to war, btw). I told him to leave the kid alone and let him figure out who he wants to be on his own, and he said "yeah I think you are right" and still left in the end to turn Bearn into an "irreverant stubborn hothead". Care bear Edér strikes again. You ruined a good kid, congrats! I've read about the option that if you make Edér atheist but somehow manage to keep Bearn pious, then Bearn will escape from Edér to live on his own. Which I think is good for the kid. Better than to feed Edér's overgrown sense of obligation. But I didn't try myself to get that ending, because for my Watcher convincing Edér to give up his faith but at the same time convincing the kid to keep his - these would be two mutually exclusive things. Besides, I'd hate to make the kid hate Edér. Edér's great! How dare you hate him, kid? I'd rather keep Bearn on the ship and teach him about explosives, seafaring, and other fun things. He's old enough to be a sailor, he needs a job, not a baby-sitter.
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