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  1. Does it affect ending slides? I finished it and all the achievements but haven't done Ukaizo post the game.
  2. I think this is a game that's really fun....in six months. To be fair I did restart and after pumping nature for rations and buying a **** ton at the trading post it's been a much better experience.
  3. Let's be fair, they're not tricking themselves that much. The game looks like The Banner Saga, sounds like The Banner Saga and it certainly plays like The Banner Saga. The combat is more fun and gaining experience isn't as annoying. Of course it tells a different story in a different way and branches about much more than TBS. That seperates it obviously, but you still could move any assets between the two games without anyone batting an eyelash. edit: I enjoyed Ash from Gods, don't misunderstand me, but they're like non-identical twins. Seperate yet very similar. I'd have enjoyed it a lot more if it was translated better.
  4. I definitely enjoy PF so far but you can tell it was made by folk with less resources than say Pillars. I'm playing normal and nothing about the combat has come across as unfair. Heck, it's even too easy and that's for someone with only a rudimentary understanding of the mechanics. But there are too many quality of life issues for me to invest significant time in the game. I'll wait until they clear out the bugs and institute some quality of life changes and then I will restart it. In the meantime Pillars DLC dropped the same day so I've enjoyed that instead. EDIT: To clarify I really like what I see and have enjoyed it so far. It's just if you only have five or six hours for gaming a week why waste half that time watching your characters slog across a map because they are fatigued and you can do nothing about it?
  5. The only thing I don't like about Pathfinder is how I constantly become fatigued and my characters slow to a crawl. Honestly I'm done with that until there is a mod to remove it. I don't want to wait twenty billions years to watch my characters cross a screen because they won't camp without rations and you can't hunt for rations in the dungeon. It's not like Fall Out where you can just dump some weight and you have to prioritize what you want. The fatigue is realistic but freaking annoying permanent status.
  6. Forgot about Kana. So those are two. I will probably kill Maneha just because her role is so small. Can anyone else think of someone I should bother to keep alive?
  7. I know you see Maneha but she has virtually no interactivity. I obviously do not want to sacrifice Pellagina, Aloth or Eder. Any other companion from Pillars I that I shouldn't sacrifice because they are relevant in Deadfire?
  8. Anyone have a link to the more attractive deadfire companion portraits? I want them for my next run through but I cannot seem to find them.
  9. Do revival abilities stack? For example if Eder rocks his Saints armor or the cool new Dozens armor does that stack with unbreakable for two revivals? Or do those gears stack with say the Paladin self rez ability?
  10. Why would anyone bother with a Godlike, outside of maybe Nature, when their abilities do not scale with levels? Seems like helms would almost certainly be more useful.
  11. You make some decent points. I am very satisfied with my investment in Deadfire and will likely have 3 full play through. But I don't see this competing as one of the greats. Of course I wasn't a massive fan of DI2 and that sold extremely well so maybe I am just out of touch. ^^
  12. Looks ****ing disgusting. .... ... ... I love it. Especially if he uses it as an opportunity to bitch out Pellagina whining about stuff.
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