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  1. Just came here to say I had the same thing happen to me (for the record). I don't know of a fix myself. :/ I suspect this is the game handling issues with how the characters reacted to choices in past. E.g. My choices were to fake-join the RDC and then back out, so that I could join the huana, and Pallegina and Maia never commented on it. Now they both have issues and leave (Pallegina with a letter, Maia with a convo).
  2. Thank you!! I'm glad I'm not a weird one-off case, at least. And thank you for the link!
  3. Just a side note: Thank you for being such an active and responsive member of the forums here, Alex! It's really cool to hear your perspective on lore, writing, etc. as someone that's more involved in the process, and you're pretty open to questions and cool about various opinions. The lore books are written from an in-universe perspective and that of an outsider to boot. Beast of Winter gives us a chance to converse with the parties involved first hand and get a look at how it actually happened thanks to the Watcher gifts. It's not necessarily contradicting, you just have to reali
  4. I haven't played the game for months, but I came back to play the two latest DLC's. After resting while playing Seeker, Slayer, Survivor content, Pallegina gave me her farewell letter, left the party, and appeared in the middle of the sea on the global map. Picture of her: https://imgur.com/a/oXVX7rf Is there a way to avoid or fix this?? I'm hoping other players might know more about this than me. --- For some background/context: I beat the game a few months ago. I had offered an alliance to the Royal Deadfire Company, then backed out when they said their plans to assassina
  5. I'm inherently wary of things like multiplayer and MMOs because it's a strong sign of a developer going in a generic, dumbed down ("streamlined"), mainstream direction. Which usually is a sign that they're going to dump attempts at quality or trying new things. So I'd be against it on those terms. If it didn't affect them or the games, I probably wouldn't play it, but I wouldn't mind that it exists or anything.
  6. There was an explanation, but it got cut in editing and they didn't realize it was an issue until after release. There are a couple posts from the devs on this. Explanation itself: The reincarnation cycle always existed, but the Engwithins modified/rigged it to work the way they wanted. One of the things the modified wheel does is feed the soul pieces kith shed to the gods. But breaking the wheel doesn't fix the original process. As Alex Scokel explained, it is *similar* to installing a dam on a river and then breaking the dam. Breaking the dam doesn't fix the river. So when Eotha
  7. I actually wish the blessings and curses were more like this one. One that *seriously* affects you. I get more why they avoided permanent intense blessings though.
  8. I just realized this. Something interesting about Eothas acting similar to Thaos - and the other gods, and many main characters/playable characters - in his willingness to sacrifice other lives for what he thinks is the greater good, but for inverse reasons. Thaos behaved that way to control kith and how they thought, and maintain the faith of the gods and what they were. Eothas behaved that way to give kith the chance to make a choice to be independent or equal or not, and to completely break what everyone thought about gods. Even his choice to die (the first time) served that. Coo
  9. Wait, you think so? I'm used to people saying it the other way around, but I haven't played DOS 1 or 2.
  10. That sounds like a bug. I've never seen the game do that. However, you can let it happen even if she's there. But I think you might have to kind of be a **** about it.
  11. Stuff like the post above shows the seams of the game a little I think. I don't think it's laziness, more the result of trying to account for so many possible factors in a game they actively made more dynamic. I don't know if I'd say shallow but I do get the frustration actually.
  12. I assume it's because Rymrgand isn't the one in the statue breaking the wheel directly? I haven't read that ending or what happens exactly, so I'm guesstimating.
  13. There is *definitely* set-up for the third game. There are a few constants in every ending that create a problem that kith are being forced to deal with, with no guarantee they can actually handle it, there are multiple points in the game that discuss and ask about how the cycle of souls work and what animancers are learning, and all of the aforementioned set up ties into one of the major themes/questions in both PoE I and II. That said, Obsidian could probably end the series here if they wanted. Deadfire did a good job of making an ending that closed most of the threads and gave you an id
  14. Gifted mentioned this, but I thought there was already a thing that essentially slips narration? Like a space bar? Maybe that's the last game /just the BG style stuff? I was actually going to post some sort of grumpy reply like: Yeah, the narrator is a speaker like any other character, the game would need to run a test against every line of dialogue to... blah... blah... and then I poked around the binary a bit. The game already does specifically test and handle narration differently. It really is just a single if/then and fancy button away from redirecting (almost) all calls for nar
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