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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, so god Berath took revenge on me for not returning souls to the wheel...I seriously don't even recall this. The result: -1 Might -1 Constitution -1 Dexterity -1 Perception -1 Intellect -1 Resolve This is the penalty for my main character...until I slay 75 enemies NOTE: My main character must do the finishing blows. Ok so uh...I guess I'm having a seriously weakened character for the rest game...after about 7 battles, he's killed two...awesome! The developers really made a challenge...I mean yeah, maybe a tank could do it before the whole damn game ends but a rogue...or a cipher for example? C' mooon! Just some food for thought.
  2. What do you think about an oportunity for gaining some superpowers in game ? Im thinking in general something of plot related or complatly optional. For exampe a mad scientist kidnap you and is making some horrible experiments and you become undead, half-demon etc ... Or mayby in visiting a old mantion a Vampire bites you and you become vampire yourself ... Or maybe even you make some secret ritual and became a Lich ? ... What do you think ?
  3. Ever equipped a cursed item, then sworn and reloaded? I have. Here's a new twist to consider though. Instead of curse effects that are annoying and potentially game breaking, what if they were mostly just embarrassing? - Gender reversal - Tourette-like Syndrome - Minor Stinking Cloud that follows you around. Affects NPCs/Plot Characters and Negotiations. But here's the kicker. What if the curse doesn't take effect until X amount of time has elapsed? So you genuinely don't know it's cursed and have maybe stored it in your last save? It would mean that spells like Identify and Remove Curse might have to be altered to allow a success rate that scaled with caster level instead of the blanket 100%. Identify could still reveal magical properties, but not necessarily curse properties, unless your caster level beat the curse level. AND What if the curse was dynamically calculated so that no two games had the same cursed items in the same locations? So walkthroughs wouldn't spoil the "fun" in advance. AND What if in rare cases, you had to perform a small quest and/or ritual to remove the curse, instead of casting Remove Curse or paying at a temple? - 3 x skeleton knuckles and a quartz crystal, combine with a squirrels heart, and eat. - Mix fairy dust with a potion of antidote, and drink. That kind of thing. And you gain a little XP for removing the curse. It would add a little flavour and a new twist to a previous game element that was mostly pointless, because of the swear-and-reload option. (Or curse-and-reload option! <-- See what I did there? ) Thoughts?
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