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  1. Boeroer, maybe I wasn't clear enough. "The auto-pause on combat start doesn't work in boarding fights. You have to pause manually and assign orders." I cannot pause manually at start, this is impossible! The combat starts without me having the control to press pause button or do ANYTHING AT ALL! It takes a few seconds before I can click on any member of my party and simultaneously the enemy is already moving and attacking me. When I finally have the possibility to control my party, the fight has already been going on for a while, the opponent has already jumped on my ship
  2. Hi, so I'm a bit puzzled here. After a few hours of gameplay, suddenly there was a change to ship combat, when closing to deck. The enemy gets a few seconds advance, while my group just stands there and waits for the enemy to jump on my ship. So the fight starts without me, is this intentional? Wasn´t the deck battle supposed to start as a normal combat where the game is on pause at start, and I can choose what my party does? The first seconds is totally controlled by the AI, not me! Sometimes the wizard starts to do a random spell and others from my crew seem to automatically
  3. So I finally slayed the 75 and it wasn't that hard afterall and barely took any time at all! Actually it was pretty fun and I learned a lot about combat tactics and on top of that, ...realized that my rogue is one true badass! Guess how silly I feel now? Hahahahaa! Thanks for the support!
  4. Ok, so god Berath took revenge on me for not returning souls to the wheel...I seriously don't even recall this. The result: -1 Might -1 Constitution -1 Dexterity -1 Perception -1 Intellect -1 Resolve This is the penalty for my main character...until I slay 75 enemies NOTE: My main character must do the finishing blows. Ok so uh...I guess I'm having a seriously weakened character for the rest game...after about 7 battles, he's killed two...awesome! The developers really made a challenge...I mean yeah, maybe a tank could do it before the whole damn game ends but a rogue
  5. After installing 3.0 patch. Hiravias is moving super slowly, after spiritshifting as Stelgaer. His Stelgaer moving speed is something like 1/4 of normal speed.
  6. Well three annoying bugs for me so far, but reading the posts from other users: It's pretty bad I would say. I had already been playing for around 90 hours before the patch. I did not encounter a single bug before the update. I'm not that thankful for 3.0.
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