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  1. Just hope they don't make us wait as long as last time for the patch. Last one was like what from beta to official? 2 months? We aren't even at beta stage now.
  2. Mystery solved. Judging from the amount of issues a hotfix.
  3. Dunno, waiting for 3.03 to start playing. Check version number in title screen. If it didnt change no patch, maybe a synchronisation.
  4. I am not a developer so maybe i dont understand some things but wtf guys? How the hell can anyone introduce compleately new bugs in version 3.0x? This is first time it happened in this game. Do the creators do a complete game mechanics overhaul each time they patch it? Because its only way i know to introduce some buvs that we are seeing now...
  5. I mean seriously... Great game i own pretty much all black isle games. Planescape, icewind 1-2, bg1-2, bg2ee. All completed multiple times. Bought white march pack as pre order. Didnt play part 1 because three patches rule (learned hard way on the basic game). Then it was too close to part 2 to bother starting. Now i wait for three pathes again. Thank god no more expansions... If there were any more i wouldnt probably start at all.
  6. Well, since this issue was last reported it is 6 months... What version are u playing? You have WM 1/2?
  7. Probably the game is failing some component check when lunching via steam and thats why it freezes. You need to install it again. Dont know if veryfying game cache will force instalation of components. You probably will have to reinstall everything from scrap but you have steam saves so it should be ok.
  8. No. Unless you bought a version with steam key this wont work. You maybe have gog key. Steam is good for auto updates and save security. But thats why its more expensive. Where are u from?
  9. How bad is it now? Obsidian is known for realeasing incomplete products. Usually its about 3-4 patches before you can comfortable play...
  10. Just to confirm... deactivating auras and saving repairs stacking?
  11. 1.06 is supposed to fix that. What version are you playing?
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