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  1. Just started playing thanks to ps+. I am experiencing a few bugs, namely certain abilities are not showing up in the ability wheel, such as Gref’s authority. There are others too. They don’t show up in combat, or after a reload or a rest. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Bones are stuck in the bubble currents and it's impossible catch them
  3. Hello. Watch the video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP47U4RSLbM&ab_channel=DoPobednogo Im surrering from this bug pretty long time, and didnt find any solutions to fix this, maybe someone can help? I have SSD, 8 VRAM, 16 RAM. So the problem in two words (kinda) - When ever you try swap your hero weapon or try to use abilities the game just freeze for 1s (FPS drops to 0) then go normal again, it causes me a tons of miss clicks and because the game count your actions while it "freezed", for example in dialogue you want to choose option number "1" pressing with you mouse the game freezes and obviously you will move your mouse somewhere, and while the game unfreezes it will count option number "2" for example. Turning off VSync and AA option setting helps, but fps drop still happens but not much ofter.
  4. I need to address a problem come up repeatedly on the forum and it needs to be fixed ASAP. Whenever you try to play multiplayer it requests you sign in. Well it automatically has an email you signed up with and when you click on the little arrow to change it, it takes you back to the main menu instead. The problem is that it usually signs in automatically and I can't remember the password I've used for it. I have a different email that I want to use which has most of my other games linked to it. I bought this game specifically to play multiplayer and I've been unable to play for almost a year. The problem with xbox live microsoft password recovery is that it's a lengthy process that asks you irrelevant questions and needs to be "reviewed". It's been over 6 months and multiple submissions and I have still not received any response. Please devs, FIX THIS ASAP, we PAID FOR YOUR GAME and now there are some of us who can't fully enjoy the full experience. We need to be allowed to change the email without it automatically just taking us back to the main menu or at least lets us sign in with alternate emails.
  5. title says it all Edit: I don't think it actually means your skin color is stuck cuz if u afk u do the classic fallout afk 3rd person spin. Pretty sure mine was fine.
  6. After getting the Sealed Fate quest, I found and opened the satchel. Discovering the details of what's to happen I tried to talk to Avetta about it but all she would say to me was "Stop him!" (Screenshot 1). Haven't talked to her before that moment. Tried talking to Degnos and tell him "[Leave] I'm not interested in your explanations" and the captain would still not talk to me. Since she asked me to stop him I tried killing Degnos but Avetta still kept saying "Stop him!" After talking to Degnos and choosing either solution (give items back/forget the plan), Avetta begins responding again saying our business is resolved (screenshot 3). Screenshot 2 shows the quest log in case it's useful.
  7. I now have a wolfspider in my house and i don't know if i could kill it without it destroying anything. Not sure if the update was ready for release just yet. And yes there were no holes anywhere in the house for it to fit thru. What do i do? Also i feel like the game looks better, don't know if it's just me tho.
  8. While fighting the Mega Mantiqueen in Devil's Peak Caverns, it put me on fire and I wouldn't stop burning. I kept using the emergency medical inhaler to stay alive, but it just kept going on forever. I saved while I was burning and when I reloaded it was burning for a little while, then it stopped.
  9. Hello, I bound marux amanth to xoti but can't get it to stack burn damage for level 1. Shining beacon, cleansing flame, fan of flames scrolls or immolator bombs don't do anything. I tried rebinding, switching weapon slots, but it stays stuck at 0. What can I do ? Thanks in advance
  10. This has only happened so far with the diving bell spider and the bees
  11. Krakens dead, signal was given, but there is no option to interact with the crystal like I did to enter the lake prior. What's wrong? Is this another bug? I'd be pretty upset if I couldn't finish this whole expansion and end it so I can finish the main game.
  12. I can't get Sanjar to even entertain the idea of a truce between him and zoras group. There isnt any dialogue after I suggest it as an idea. I have all the quest items I need and have done everything to support zora. I got her to agree to talk to Sanjar but only if he will. I can't think whats gone wrong here. Frankly its kinda bummed me out from playing the rest of the game because I was rrally careful to not fuel the fire between the two factions. Any help or news about this bug would be great.
  13. I can't seem to get past the Title Screen. After the gamma settings are chosen, it just sits there with the ship flying and will not proceed further. I've tried many of the workarounds online. Offline mode, resolution/windowed mode. I've tried changing permissions but it actually doesn't even show up in the permissions list like other GP games i've played. Signed out of the MS store and xbox app and back in.. tried launching through GeForce Experience with different settings.. just no luck. Tried changing xbox services in windows settings etc. Disabled my firewall and antivirus. Nothing seems to work. I feel like perhaps its server side?
  14. When removing blueprint or recycling any part the entire structure collapses. In this video there are two separate structures. The structure I'm standing on had also been bugged in the same way. I completely rebuilt the structure I'm standing on to get rid of the bug. I really don't want to have to do the same to the other structure seen in this video as bugged/collapses. Any way to correct this without destroying and rebuilding? On the corrupted structure, most of the parts display the same number of "supporting". For example, all the floor pieces display that they are each supporting 30. Is there some way to reinforce it? Some way to reset/recount the "supporting" number on each part? Hope someone has an idea!
  15. When playing in the beta, the mosquito needle doesn’t show. It shows my hand like it’s holding it. I can still use it like normal, just doesn’t show.
  16. Since this morning, when o try to collect water droplets from blades of grass with three blades, the water doesn’t fall when I hit the base. I can shoot them down, but if I cut the blade of grass, the water stays in the air, suspended by itself. Links to follow. This happens after saving and reloading, and on older saves as well. https://www.xbox.com/play/media/36J9QPUX https://www.xbox.com/play/media/4XLE43KQ https://www.xbox.com/play/media/8NXVQ6QJ https://www.xbox.com/play/media/A4YDR99E
  17. I added the backpack mod on the companion armor and it's not increasing the total weight by 20. I can swap the armor to the main character and its correct, but when I move the armor back to the companion it no longer increases total weight.
  18. The Determination ability at 100 mastery does not work as intended. It does not heal the companion in companion slot 2 when they get kills. First noticed this as Nyoka joined my party, replacing Vicar Max for the missions on Monarch. Noticed that Parvati who until then had been murdering people left and right with a flamethrower from melee range with her ability as an initiator, was suddenly either downed or ending combat with a lot lower health than she had previously. Turns out that when any companion is in slot 2, they do not get healed by the 100 Determination skill. Test case: Put one companion on passive and the other on aggressive Use their ability of initiate Back up to ensure that all aggro goes to the aggressive companion Watch companion health Test setup 1: Nyoka and Parvati Two weapon setups: Flamethrower and Light Machine Gun Mk 2, weapons switched for a total of 4 combat tests, as I initially thought it might have something to do with the Flamethrower. Result for tests: Nyoka gains health on kills, Parvati does not Test setup 2: Parvati and Vicar Max Continued the weapon switch for a total of 4 fights to confirm it. Result for tests: Parvati gains health on kills, Vicar Max does not Test setup 3: Felix and Parvati Continued the weapon switch for a total of 4 fights to confirm it. Result for tests: Felix gains health on kills, Parvati does not This is on PC, anyone on console are welcome to test my findings. Link to video showing the bug in action:
  19. Currently my system is up-to-date and has been since purchasing the game via Epic Games Store, all DLC inclusive if that makes a difference. It had been working for some time till the past day to which it now doesn't make it to the game menu after the initial splash screens - It currently just sits black. When starting the game the task manager seems to claim the game is immediately not responding at start up. I'd rather not refund, but if I can't sort it out I don't see another option.
  20. i been haveing this problem after i fix my last problem with Startup Splash vids kcrashing the game so i config a file to skip it and now i am meet with a problem where the cutscene before CC not loading in and just put me in the void floting around i dont know how to fix or what to do any help pls? ps: this what i use to config https://www.nexusmods.com/theouterworlds/mods/2
  21. I'be had this issue since the last backer beta and it is in the full game as well. When I put a cape or a cloak on a character it does not show up on the inventory model or ingame. It had been working in the earlier betas though 27" iMac i5 Nvidia 680MX OS X Yosemite
  22. I've encountered a bug where the green circles underneath Pallegina and my character disappeared. It happened on the 11th flow of the Endless Paths, and may be due to them becoming confused or dominated, though that has happened before and others were but still have their circles. A solution or knowing that this won't affect anything else would be nice.
  23. My first time playing after the new update and there is a bug that wasn't there before regarding the Mushroom arch. This may happen with other building peices but I'm not sure. When walking on the overhanging walkway on my bases wall that has Mushroom arches underneath my character very annoyingly shoots up and down every time he passes over an arch underneath the floor. Even though it's not sticking through the floor he acts as though he's running over a bump every 3 steps. It's a very minor yet annoying bug.
  24. So I can't get any achievements in coop. They are host only. If I join my friend, only he gets the achievements. I've tried the following achievements in his game: Fine Dining, Lounging Around, Beefing Up, Exoskeleton, Face your Fears. None of them worked. Not sure if the problem is on my side, but I even tried multiple accounts, nothing worked for me. Hope this can get fixed!
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