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  1. There's a topic with same title over at Steam Discussions (making it easier to find out more feedback on this new issue). Joining friend's game, when fighting insects, I often see friend's healthbar instead of the insect's. Annoying bug, to say the least.
  2. Hello, I've just bought South Park: The stick of Truth from Steam. Installed it on my (C:) drive , started the game, everything worked fine. Created a character , played a bit, tried to save the game, but both Save Game and Load Game are grayed out which was odd, but I assumed that the game is going to autosave. After playing for about an hour, decided to reboot the game to check if the autosave is working. It was not. Since then I've spent a lot of time checking forums and googling for a fix for this issue. I'm running Windows 11. The save game directory is this one: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\South Park - The Stick of Truth\save and inside the "save" folder is a file called "steam_autocloud.vdf" I have tried uninstalling / reinstalling the game, installing it on other drives, nothing helps. Any help? TL;DR: Installed game from Steam, run game, can't save/autosave, gotta start new game every time I run it.
  3. After getting the Sealed Fate quest, I found and opened the satchel. Discovering the details of what's to happen I tried to talk to Avetta about it but all she would say to me was "Stop him!" (Screenshot 1). Haven't talked to her before that moment. Tried talking to Degnos and tell him "[Leave] I'm not interested in your explanations" and the captain would still not talk to me. Since she asked me to stop him I tried killing Degnos but Avetta still kept saying "Stop him!" After talking to Degnos and choosing either solution (give items back/forget the plan), Avetta begins responding again saying our business is resolved (screenshot 3). Screenshot 2 shows the quest log in case it's useful.
  4. My friends and I are playing together, and I'm the host. We've played together without issue since launch, but all of a sudden we've returned back and they're experiencing some extreme desync issues, especially when building or dealing with dew drops. Sometimes if they're building something it will appear built but they can walk right through the built item. Sometimes if they're building it'll appear that it hasn't been built, when it has. With the dew drops, they'll appear but they can't drink from them. This is becoming a pretty major issue for us. They have to keep reconnecting to fix their bugs which just isn't fun. I'm on an AT&T Fiber connection with over a gig worth of speed. I don't know if it matters what my machine is, but the specs are below: EVGA Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X Intel Core i7-11700K Rocket Lake 3.2GHz 32GB DRDR4 RAM ASUS Z590-A ROG LEGA 1200 ATX Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB M.2 Any help with this would be extremely appreciated.
  5. So recently my partner bought The Outer Worlds: Spacers Choice from steam on pc and everything shows up as the correct color, the menus, huds, and cutscenes all play with a normal color but the actual game itself is this weird yellow and white inverted type color scheme. When you look at a sun or planet it shows some reds but that is it. There were no changes on their part to the graphics menus and we have tried reinstalling and new save files as well as a few others and we are just trying to figure out how to work it :(( I genuinely hurts to look at its so bad
  6. My pet weevil somehow got stuck underground and I can't access it anymore. I was exploring the sandbox when I noticed the little weevil pet icon off to the left in the haze so I checked my inventory to confirm that yep, it was not following me anymore. When I went over to the icon to go get it back though I quickly discovered the thing was somehow underground. I don't mean in a cave or a lab by the way, I mean glitched under the ground and completely inaccessible. It's holding so much important loot please someone help me.
  7. Just having an issue with the skeleton in the sandbox on xbox one version of grounded. Every time I dig up the skeleton in the footprint it appears for a second then dissapears completely leaving me with no loot or badge that I need to 100% the game. Anybody help me?
  8. So this is a minor bug issue and I don't know how to fix it. We are halfway into the game, I had the black ox crossbow, upgraded and once I logged out (the only one on the server, hosting) and came back later I logged in and the black ox crossbow turn into item name "xyz" and it's a white box as the item picture. I'm only reporting because I can't make another one; it's not available for me to craft a new one either. This problem happened on 05/14/2023. I wish either I can get it fixed or that you know about the issue. Can't post a picture my file is over the size limit.
  9. Since 1.2 none of my achievements are unlocking in coop while my friend (the owner) does get them. Is there a fix or can it be fixed?
  10. I noticed that while playing in my shared multiplayer world on steam with one other person, lint does not respawn in the undershed. It still respawns on the deck (thankfully), but after waiting multiple days, it is just not respawning. As soon as I loaded after updating to I noticed that there was no lint in the undershed using the locator, Im unsure if this was due to me harvesting before logging off or if it just simply disappeared. I have yet to trigger the wasps, so maybe that will fix it?
  11. Had an issue with the Director Schmector boss fight. Myself and one other friend were fighting Schmector, we get him down to one hit left. One of us lands the last hit, and his model disappears. His ending voice lines play, Wendell comments, we get the achievement for killing him, we get the mutation. Still no model and nowhere to collect his drops. Boss fight was completed successfully so there is no way to retry. If anyone has had and fixed the same or a similar issue please help. I did contact the support team directly but ultimately they don't fix this type of individual player issue.
  12. While fighting the Mega Mantiqueen in Devil's Peak Caverns, it put me on fire and I wouldn't stop burning. I kept using the emergency medical inhaler to stay alive, but it just kept going on forever. I saved while I was burning and when I reloaded it was burning for a little while, then it stopped.
  13. When I first started to play grounded I noticed the ability to add text to chests and trail markers when i was the host. my friend was also able to edit them as well when they were not host. Ever since then i haven't played as host and I have not been able to even hover over the "add text" bar. Nor can i see what someone else has named them as. I play on the xbox series S and my friend plays on the X so there might be something there, idk.
  14. Me and one of my buddies are trying to 100% but we came across the very first mixer in the game only being seen on the map but it is no where to be seen in the data tab. We were saving mixers to do them all in a row when we got to the start of the under shed but we do not wanna try to complete or even continue if we wont get 100% in the end because of this current issue.
  15. 你好 如果我使用萤火虫大灯并满足以下条件: 1.使用冲刺或突然变化或增加移动速度的物品; 2.使用弓箭; 3.第一人称。 那么萤火虫大灯的光源就会被我挡住。 我注意到有人在0.14版本中也遇到了这个问题,我希望能够修复这个恶意错误。 此致敬意
  16. Hi, so I just finished putting the ingredients into the Javamatic and as soon as the cinematic with the ants attacking was shown, the game is now stuck in an iffy slightly zoomed in view. I have an ultrawide (Samsung CHG90) and had no issues so far, with over 240 hours in-game. I've tried changing numerous graphics settings. Tried some stuff in-game i.e. sleeping, dying, saving then loading but nothing has fixed it. If I go to third person it's still zoomed in. One thing that has sort-of mitigated it is going to third-person view and ramping the FOV up to 120, however it's still a bit off and I really prefer to play the game first-person. I've attached images so you can see. (Somehow the site let me upload five pictures originally, but after having to redo the post it's now limiting me to two...) P.S thanks to the devs for such an amazing game! It's one of the best games I've played in recent years and I am still hooked on it. Despite the odd bug here-and-there nothing has really bothered me up until now (ok, maybe the broken Natural Explorer for a little while lol). Keep it up and really looking forward to future expansions!
  17. So, this is a longshot but... I know the cipher weapon glow bug is pretty old at this point and the devs will not do anything about it. I am also aware many people prefer it this way. That said, I really like the purple glow and it is really disappointing to lose it after the first mission. Does anyone know a fix? A mod that does it? Or perhaps someone could at least point me to the right direction about which files I should try to edit and make my own mod.
  18. So me and a buddy have been playing this game religiously for a while now on the hardest difficulty. Love the game btw. However after finding the black ant hill chip, when trying to return it to burgl, we found that he was stuck behind a wall. We have tried everything possible to at least be able to turn it in and have had no luck. Is there any way to fix this. I doubt we will be able to progress any further if not.
  19. Hello, I experienced this bug in my runs: for some scrolls when you click pause, select a scroll from quick slot, select a point where to cast it, click, then end pause, the animation of scroll launching trigger, the scroll in the animation disappear, but there's no effects. Scroll DOESN'T disappear from quick item, luckily. If you did the same action, that is cast a scroll normally WITHOUT pause, scroll land perfectly. I noted this issue almost ever with scroll of Maelstrom and scroll of Prayer against Fear, I don't know or it doesn't seem it happens with others scrolls, or maybe it doesn't happen so often. Anybody else having same problems?
  20. I tried renaming my chest to Connor(my irl name) and it censored it, WTF
  21. 1. No achievements are unlocking for steam (yes I did test this with photo mode achievement) 2. No sound when every I get a dream ??? when I wake up sound is back. 3. Hard lock as a offline user even doe I have a Xbox account does given me a option to login. Thanks in advance for any fix or suggtion
  22. After getting caught in a spider web, Sometimes I am still allowed to move freely. The first time this happened all I had to do was break the web that was -supposed- to be trapping me to return to 1st person. But now I cant find that web that bugged out. So Now Im stuck in 3rd person because the game thinks Im trapped in a web when I am not. Edit: Found the toggle for 1st/3rd person that solved the issue. Still, the web not catching you like intended does force you into 3rd person until you switch back manually.
  23. My friend and I use a shared world and everything was fine. We did all the Labs and nearly 100hrs of gameplay but suddenly we can't sleep on our bed anymore. It always says we're Too Awake no matter if it's night. So far I've tried: Loading the last save Rebuilding beds and lean-to Waited for a whole in-game day Suicide Logged into the server alone Verifying the game files on Steam Still no luck!! Platform: PC - Steam Multiplayer Shared-World hosted by a friend or me i7 12700k 32GB GTX 1070
  24. Bonjour, je viens de finir la fourmilière noire et je suis allé voir Burg pour rendre la puce mais elle a disparu. Je suis sur Xbox Series X et je passe plus de 50 heures de jeu. S’il vous plaît, faites quelque chose, j’ai trop investi pour recommencer le jeu
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