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Found 48 results

  1. I finished The City and the Stars and I reset my board reputation, but Byzantium residents are still hostile to me despite have a 0% neutral rating and I can’t complete the Byz quests as the game was designed to allow me to do. help?
  2. I would like to suggest that the location of the Cold Blooded Burg.L chip be changed. The riddle given in the Cold Blooded Chipsleuth quest mentions that not only is it being observed by reptilian eyes (the Rash action figure) but that it is also immersed in sticky red liquid. The action figure is not only not really pointed towards the paint can where you find the chip, but it is also quite far away from it. As for the final location the riddle makes it seem as though it is actually sitting inside the paint can or inside of some other red liquid (like a juice box or soda can) whenever in reality it is just plopped onto the ground next to the paint can. A simple fix for this would be to just place spilled paint around the paint can where the chip is found. Maybe even trap the chip inside some dried paint similar to the large sap chunks that you can break with a hammer. Anyways long post I know I was just a little disappointed whenever I finally tracked down this chip. TLDR: Put the Cold Blooded Burg.L chip in some paint around the paint can to match the quest riddle. Edit: Not sure how to delete this but it turns out that there is supposed to be paint around the paint can that the chip is actually sitting in. This did not appear for me and the chip was just in the dirt. I need to delete this post and just submit a bug report of the paint not properly appearing.
  3. Anyone cut this thing down yet? I tried pebble axe and insect axe. Mint hammer is 3rd tier... Anyone found 3rd tier axe?
  4. Check out this video, it shows off tons of up new bugs (insects) and items. *Please keep in mind that many of these things are still in development and under consideration. Nothing official as of yet.
  5. Playing through the endless paths on PS4, I've got to level 5 and the secret room isn't opening. Gone through the entire floor in stealth, with all the characters available, and the door switch is not showing up. Played beyond there, and leveled the team a few more times, and still nothing. Any suggestions?
  6. Not sure where else to put it as googling where I can submit bugs pointed to here, so hopefully they read it, otherwise i'm all out of ideas. So I've got a bit of a dialogue bug with the quest Canid's Cradle, I'm at the stage of the quest where you can convince Sanjar to negotiate with the Iconoclats but only if Zora Blackwood is in charge, unfortunately when I go to talk to her (the quest marker is above her head too) she keeps repeating the same line to me "Go take a walk, Captain I'll find you when my heads on straight" and I'm unable to talk to her to progress the quest.
  7. I purchased the physical copy of outer world's for my ps4 and played without updating to any patches till I found I couldn't access any of my saves after going on the mission to meet Elli's parents and skipping the hope. After trying to load a save, my game would "freeze" on the title screen with no available options, music still running and never go to an actual loading screen. I have tried skipping Elli's quest, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, moving my save files to usb storage and all of my "inaccessible" saves are all around 9 mb. I saw there were some people on the forum with similar sounding problems, so yesterday I finally updated the game to the most recent patch (1.3?) and now receive the error code e-b51d0002 when trying to access the files, instead of the "glitch" where the game would crash. I have started a new game to see if there is any hope, but it does suck losing so many invested hours and worrying about encountering this problem ahead.
  8. While trying to complete the quest line mentioned in the topic I have encountered a glitch. Once I have completed talking with Dr. Chartrand and convinced her to join me the Corporate Commander only gives me two options (1. It's less work than hauling my corpse out of here?) And (2 Attack). Both options lead to a shoot out, which wouldn't be a big deal except that Dr. Chartrand attacks me as well which is weird since we just became allies. I have searched other message boards and found this is a common glitch I do not receive a third option to persuade the Corporate Commander to take a bribe even though my persuasion is over 100.
  9. [Story spoilers] I’m on Tartarus and about to walk into a room with Chairman Rockwell standing in it with cameras around him, but every time I try to walk through the doorway, the game crashes. I assume there’s supposed to be a cut scene? Will try changing my loadout or seeing if I can Aggro the room before entering, but so far it’s crashed 4 times in a row and it’s getting annoying. Update: Firing into the room causes the shroud to fail and a fight to ensue, but at least with no crash, though I would rather not kill Rockwell (at least yet) Update 2: Tried Changing guns and running around to bring down my shroud, then walk through, but the game crashes all the same. Guess my only way to continue is to put ol’ Rocky down...
  10. I tried to broker peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI, but Zora turned me down because I didn't earn her trust on previous quests. My only alternative was to give the Targeting Module to Sanjar. I wasn't about to give it to that zealot, Graham. Now all of the Iconoclasts are dead by my hand, including Zora. No rational person would have made the choice she did. Moderator: Please feel free to reword the title or change the tags as needed.
  11. I have just completed the game. When I finish the credits and all it takes me to the main menu and when I go load back into the game it takes me back to where I open the door doctor phinies and it won't let me continue the game.
  12. Game constantly crashes at first elevator descent at Tartarus. I tried this three times and the game crashed at all three times at the same spot. P.S. Love this game!
  13. Every time I enter the room with Chairman Rockwell on the final mission on Tartarus, my game crashes to the Xbox dashboard
  14. During the final mission just as I'm about to walk into the cutscene with the chairman the game crashes I've tryed multiple times and it keeps happening, I believe there could be verious reasons for this 1.i was disguised at the time and when I killed everyone in the area I could then proceed with the Misson although I missed out in the cutscene. 2. At the end sene were you told what happened to the world pavarti was dead however I don't know why as I was playing normal difficulty and your companions can't die.?.
  15. entering through the door to chairmen Rockwell causes the game to crash. i've tried 3 times walkng into the room. i don't want to have kill Rockwell and the accompanying guards to progress with the story.
  16. Hello! I hope this is is an appropriate place to bring this up - it's not a bug per se, but possibly an oversight. Basically, I'm at the point of the story where the Watcher has figured out they can track Eothas using the adra pillars. The main quest objective is to speak to the Queen in Neketaka. The Watcher still doesn't know why Eothas is gathering up all this energy from the pillars; it's still unknown what his ultimate goal is. Unfortunately for me, I'm one of those players who spends hours and hours doing everything but the main quest in a game like this. Among the quests I was able to more or less complete, was Xoti's The Lantern of Gaun, and once that is concluded (for the moment), both parts of the quest dialogue itself and the quest log seems to spoil for me what Eothas' plans are. I've attached a screenshot of said log, where it says clearly what Eothas intends to do. It's improbable that I've missed this piece of information before this stage of the main quest (and the Watcher normally acts as if they still don't know what Eothas is really up to). Either way, I felt a bit cheated after this quest.
  17. I'm experiencing a repeat conversation between Aloth/Iselmyr and Eder every time we rest..the one where she talks to Eder and tries to get him to kiss Aloth as a prank. Every time we rest, no matter where it is, this conversation gets triggered. I don't know what is making it repeat upon every rest. I believe when it first happened was at the Engwithian ruins with the giant construct and the missing Vailian expedition party. (I forget the name) This has been going on, even after a reload. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  18. Just finished Deadfire for the second time now. Thinking of making an evil character solo PoTD now... am I crazy for the game? How many times have you played? What are your thoughts on what happens in Eora after everything and the future of PoE as a game now on Microsoft?
  19. There were several hidden skill checks in the last part of the DLC (or the sound of "Skill check failed"; the Pool of Memories) and after defeating the Porokoa is was possible to tell Engari that the Faces were incarnations of one Watcher (with "Honest" disposition). I could not confirm or disprove it in my playthroughs, because I was not able to pass the above-mentioned skill checks. Is this information correct? And, if it is, why do the Faces go on a murder rampage, when freed (with or without host)? I apologize in advance, if the topic was started too early (10 days after the release of the DLC).
  20. I was completing the Waidwen part of the quest and in the end I told Waidwen to help me when I confront Eothas. If I understand correctly this means I am taking Waidwen's soul from the realm of BOW and returning him to Eora with me. As I expected, when I got out of "The bridge ablaze" area the warrior with frozen armor told me that Rymrgand might not like that the watcher is taking souls from his realm. Surprisingly, when I talked to Rymrgand before the BOW final fight and after the fight, there was no mention of Waidwen. I was really surprised with this kind indifference since Rymrgand is very strict about properties not leaving his realm. Am I missing something here? What happens in other dialogue options? Does Waidwen get mentioned in any part of the dialogues if you kidnap him?
  21. So I am loving this so far and I am trying really hard to reconcile the two parts of Naxiva ix Kirent but I am not sure it is actually possible. I have done so many different combinations of motes and dialogue choices. So I want to know. Has anybody here managed to reconcile her or am I just chasing a dream here and I should just get the fight over with and move on to the next part of the story.
  22. I don't know if it's a bug or if I'm just missing something, but every time I try to fracture the dragon's soul, it gives me the option to siphon energy from the dragon but when I click it, it tells me it didn't work. My party Metaphysics is at 9, if that has anything to do with it. Am I just being a goof and not doing something right?
  23. I've yet to see a topic like this on the forums yet (perhaps it was buried), but what are some funny moments, ridiculous bugs, or simple wtf situations you've encountered in-game? So, I know that Aloth has a solid reputation at this point of being ridiculously picky and judgemental, but what the heck is this? He's now breaking the 4th wall... Nothing says hubris like punishing humidity in a jungle. Right? Note: Aloth's complaints are always silent.
  24. I think Pillars of Eternity 2 is good example of both how you can execute meaningful story/choice in a game as well as how fragile that feeling can be in a way well beyond the ordinary fare of games. This has spoilers for Pillars of Eternity 2 as it's used as an example. If you are not ok with that, turn back now. Specifically the Trading guilds in POE 2 put you in very uncomfortable situations with choices that go beyond good/bad that are compelling. Each of the two trading guilds is heavily expansion/profit oriented in different ways and they both, in a nice touch, go out of their way to use your own ideals against you in their reasoning via the game's disposition system. They make compelling cases and I ended up helping them accidentally a disturbing amount while just trying to do good for the people, which appears to be the intent. This forces the weighing of thoughts like "I'm doing good here but I'm also helping X trading guild that will undoubtedly be a long term negative". When looked at face value, the choices are very standard. Blow this up or restore it. Help this town survive or do not. Feed the starving town via methods that may be illegal, political, or compromise their culture. Support this culture or support the new culture that is usurping it. The game is steeped in such choices that are very straightforwards in nature, stuff that COULD be very one note "yay I'm the hero/villain" and done. Choices made hundreds of times in RPGs that just fade into the background noise. However It's the context that makes the choices so compelling in POE 2. For example restoring a magical pillar ensures the short term survival of a village (starvation) and allows souls to continue the cycle of life undisrupted, however it would allow a trading company to exploit the land and it's people to the point of essentially controlling them both in their rampant greed and pursuit of expansion and more money. Hotheaded, young, and idealistic as they are. Conversely you can choose to destroy the pillar which would jeopardize the short term survival of the village and remove a major avenue of souls to return to the cycle, but pleases the other trading company who is just looking to sabotage their competition who has a jump on them really. But they are older, more patient, and more manipulative and present themselves as trying to avoid the negatives of the first choice. Either way you are theoretically doing some good, but also some ill. There is no "clean" solution or even a pure "dirty" solution. Which is better likely depends on your ideologies. The game has many of those moments where I sit and ponder the ramifications of my actions and how any action, good or bad, will benefit one faction or another in their greed disguised as benevolence, or perhaps benevolence that has begun to show the signs of corruption and greed. They intertwine. That's not to say the game doesn't have it's share of "yay I R good" or "look at me, I'm a bad bad man", moments I also enjoy, but these much more complex moments are definitely the standouts of the game story telling IMO. At least that's how I feel 30 hours in. Unfortunately where it falls apart is their disposition system currently needs some work. The spells the story and choices weave is compelling and strong, yet when the game misreads your character and presents you as something you do not feel is correct the spell is instantly shattered. In my own case I pursued non-violent options and was honest in nearly every situation. However after a few initial successful uses making the scenario compelling the system treated me as if I was aggressive or dishonest in a few scenarios. As this is very counter to the behavior of my character it completely took me out of the moment painstakingly crafted by hours of gameplay and story.....showing the broken machinery behind the scenes on the floor. 95% success and 5% failure robbed almost all of the impact. I cannot tell you, as a player, how shaken this made me despite me having an idea how complicated these systems are. Logically, they will patch the new game and it will improve. Logically it's understandable considering how hard this stuff is. Emotionally none of that matters as an end user though, my head cannon character still lies broken in pieces on the floor. Once shattered the illusion is difficult or even impossible to restore. Gaming is truly a tough and merciless industry. So as an enthusiast with some QA experience looking to learn more about games, POE 2 is proving to be an excellent case study for the story aspects and player choice. For anyone looking for a game that makes you think about both of those in a different way than POE 2 I recommend "The Magic Circle". It's another great game to play to understand both doing story/choice well and also in how missteps can be made. Of great potential and great moments that nonetheless get held back by other aspects.
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