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  1. Playing multiplayer km pc. I was hosting and a friend joined me. He witnessed another friend's backpack falling through the ground basically falling forever. No one else was around and he was the only one who could witness it as it continued to fall.
  2. I had the same issue. The path to unlock is now a little different but the process is the same. I was able to use the switches after rebooting my game save. Then I was able to interact with the switches. Don't know what prompted it but it worked.
  3. You may have already unlocked what the chip unlocks if you submitted it to BURG.L already. You may have missed out in the raw science points however.
  4. I've never encountered that because I've dropped many things in multiplayer and it was always there. I would suggest (for the meantime) placing the items in a container first and then have the other player grab it. Can do for now until that error is fixed. PS: I'd hate to drop an expensive item on the ground and have it dissappear.
  5. You give them your gamer tag and they can recover it that way. If you're on a pc it's saved locally and in the cloud.
  6. I would definitely put in a report for this issue as it stems from previous versions of the game since 0.2.8
  7. This could be related to a cloud sync issue. This occasionally happens on pc as well. Closing out the game and relogging into it by allowing the cloud sync to "re-sync" may help. However if that doesn't work Sen din a report along with your game save file. They may be able to recover your most recent saves.
  8. There is a new option in the feedback menu that will allow you to reset the bugs. Have you given that a try to see what happens?
  9. Public beta test servers are just that. They are stand alone games that have nothing to do with your original game preview which has seperated saves. They operate independently from the game preview where all of your progress is.
  10. Same here. I'm having the same problem placing any item to build.
  11. Currently on 3.3 if I host and someone joins me they can't seem to move beyond the starting point of the game. They load up but can't move and at times can't see anything. They are stuck in the beginning spawn point of the game but can't do anything else other than to close the game out. Tried multiple saves and other ways to get around this but isn't possible. I can join others but others can't join me.
  12. Well technically this isn't the spot for them to browse and look for issues. This area is for the community to help each other. You'd be surprised how much they have already responded to when you submit an issue. From personal experience they have responded to every inquiry I sent them and fixed about 90% of the bugs I reported to them.
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