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  1. This is an easy one. It's actually a bit of an exploit if you hit spider and they notice you're out of reach. So you must be on top of an item that keeps you safe correct? Maybe a leaf or a rock so that you're above them. If you're out of reach for them to hit you they keep running away. All you have to do is make sure your feet are on the ground and available for them to reach you. At this point they'll come back to kill you. So you can hit them and run for cover, or height advantage, they'll start backing up. Drop to ground level to entice them back to you. Once you go back onto your platform they'll back up again. Does this make sense?
  2. Seems to be happening with anything you can harvest unfortunately. Sure hope this one is fixed soon.
  3. Hallo Joshfah, Sie können von der Neuinstallation des Spiels profitieren. Stellen Sie sicher, dass alle Treiber auf Ihrem Computer auch auf dem neuesten Stand sind. Auch sicherstellen, dass das Spiel ist auch auf dem neuesten Stand.
  4. This is a known issue with the de-sync of the games assets during multi-player. This is currently being investigated and likely fixed in the near future.
  5. Here is another set of 6 random glitches ( Rel)
  6. The reason that is happening is because ants will eat the spoiled meat. Since several ants are trying to eat it the meat never gets consumed. Because if one ant tries to eat it, the other interrupts the animation. If there are many ants then the cycle just keeps resetting and the meat never gets eaten. They stop as soon as you take the meat yourself. They won't be aggressive if you steal their spoiled meat. They just just confused and then go on their way. You can however use this as a reason to start killing them off since there are several in one spot.
  7. I've visited you much more than you ever visited me. It is you who has abandoned me young man.
  8. Zip lines may be coming in the near future to allow for faster point A to point B. However I like running around getting from one area to the other. It adds to the premise of survival which is what this game is all about. With a few areas I've built myself "safe zones" per say so that I can reach an area and avoid a fight.
  9. Yes this method worked for me and I have maxed it out. Yes it's a bit of a grind but using other methods before finishing them off with a punch works. It counts when you kill them with the fists. I've killed most ants weakening them with spike traps and finishing them up with a Mike Tyson knock out.
  10. This is a known issue as it has been reported many other times. They'll fix this issue soon with a future update. Same was happening with the SCA.Bs as well.
  11. If you'd like some help eliminating these ants let me know. I was able to help a few folks on Xbox and PC.
  12. This error originates from a Direct X issue and it seems to happen more with AMD GPUs. The team is investigating but haven't remedied it as of yet.
  13. Are you on Game Pass (Xbox or PC)? Because if you are try reinstalling the game so that the cloud saves can resync. If you're on steam then I don't know what to tell you.
  14. Have you tried re-installing the game or maybe starting a new game seperate from your original save?
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