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  1. Hello, has there been a change to the ant reaction when a character is wearing complete ant armor? A while ago we could go through the anthill without being attacked, but today we keep getting aggroed by worker ants, while soldier let us pass by, seems weird.
  2. when the language is set to french, the description of the koi scale helmet says it allows to breath underwater like the bubble helmet, wich is wrong and is not in the english description.
  3. Hello, have you pushed the hotfix patch? it seems to work now, I did play as client for some time and haven't got the memory error as host now. as for the autosaves, I never see them when I start a game, they only show when I go to the save menu in game, are they supposed to be erased at logout or at start? (we had a crash when getting out of the pond lab, and had no autosave when restarting the game) edit: got memory error game crash exactly at the same time, when swimming to the surface after exiting the lab through the siphon edit:edit: we manage to get out of the lab by
  4. version multiplayer on xbox. Hello, when I quit and reload a multiplayer game, I have an error screen about video memory and have to reboot the xbox to be able to play. Edit: it happened also in game, leading to game crash and client disconnect. by the way, auto saves don't seem to work. Host on xbox one s, client on xbox one x
  5. same here, my friend (client) had her character reseted, as the host I could load back old save
  6. Hello, we have the same bugs on multiplayer on Xbox. My friend was caught in the repeating jump animation so she decided to quit the game but then she couldn't join anymore (stuck at starting point, cant do anything but quit) https://gameclips.io/Dedee64/82b58b73-afed-45e3-8feb-0c0ad875b31a I mailed this problem with some others to support@obsidian.net on 10/20 but had no answer we found and workaround as when stuck in jumping animation, if my friend take a short zipline (less than 10 fibers) she stop jumping. So we made short ziplines at the end of the big ones and it s
  7. Same issue on Xbox, my friend could'nt find a way to join my saved game
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