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  1. 1. Platform: PC Steam 2. Multiplayer: 3/4 players 3. Description of issue: Characters who aren't hosts are jittering after using ziplines, and hearing the zipline sound even after disembarking. Giving up and respawning solves the issue for the player, but he/she would still see the other players (including the host) jumping about, and hear the zipline sound when they come close. We all just give up and respawn after one of the non-hosts uses the zipline just to get everyone back to normal. 4. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable: Used the zipline ( >400meters). The shorter ones we have don't give us this issue.
  2. Thanks for this feedback! We had a problem earlier where we couldn't find ANY wolf spiders, only to realize that they'd spawned beneath the ground under the maple tree. We would just hear the demonic hissing and when we went to investigate, the legs would reach out -- And it wasn't only the wolf spiders (total count: 3 wolf spiders, 1 orb weaver underground)! Looking forward to the next update.
  3. Hello! Thanks for replying -- we still do, except for item#3, but then we'd removed the last zipline we made before the crashes started Happening. We're not sure about #4, but maybe it's because we've just hit the 'Give up' option after using the ziplines so our characters stop being jittery. Please let me know if you need save files or more information that could help. Thank you.
  4. Already did, but no response, so far. Seems like we're not the only ones experiencing it, based on the posts in the forum.
  5. And the perpetual zipline sounds and the crashing! Bit funny, but also frustrating.
  6. Try using gas arrows! Sometimes works for me.. I find it difficult to retrieve my arrows though, when they're underground.
  7. What we do when this happens, is that we migrate our last working player file into the save folder of the Save point you intend to use. A hassle, yes, but beats having to restart.
  8. Platform: Steam Multiplayer: 2/3/4 players Description of issue: Since we started installing ziplines, we've been getting the following issues: 1. When using ziplines, non-host players' heads turn into carabiner hooks. 2. After using ziplines, non-host players end up seizing (they see other players perpetually umping, too). When they swim and go under, they are unable to resurface and die by drowning. After being revived, they no longer seize up until they use the ziplines again. 3. After exiting the game, and loading it, the non-host players turn into cameras (no access to inventory or other options), before crashing. 4. When we chop down grass/weed stems or bring down berries, they have phantoms that remain, which can't chop or shoot down. This is the same for dew drops on blades of grass. We've had to rollback to a save file that had no ziplines yet, just to be able to play the game in multiplayer mode.
  9. My list of multiplayer issues -- Game Information Platform: Steam / PC Mode: Multiplayer/Medium 1. Not seeing hosted game. We always have to wait for everyone to be in the lobby before starting the game, or else, joining through steam would often result in players losing their inventories and perks. ---To fix mutations and inventories loss, we have to migrate player data from old saved games. 2. The host's game crashes occasionally. 3. We can no longer play together after the addition of ziplines -- the game always crashes for all other players except the host.
  10. Same here. Have been crashing on multiplayer after adding ziplines.
  11. Hello! I was able to initiate a multiplayer game, but my friends couldn't see my session, and vice versa. Different from my previous issue of not even being able to load or create a multiplayer game, but still unable to play with other players. [EDIT] We tried different things: 1. Was able to see a friend's session, but it crashed when he started the game. No error messages. 2. I hosted a new game and he was able to find and join my game, but my friend's game would then crash as soon as the game started. 3. He was able to re-join the game when it was already loaded. 4. We tried loading an old save game, and he was able to find and join it, but it crashed for him when it started. 5. I loaded up the save, and started the game -- he was able to join my session. Seems like the only way we can play together is for me to load the game first, and for my friend to join belatedly. [EDIT 2] After amassing autosaves, game would crash when trying to load multiplayer mode. 1. Game would crash for me when I tried to load a saved game in MP mode. 2. My friend would sometimes see my session, sometimes not. 3. My friend could no longer join my hosted game (crashes on him). Please see attached file for his system information. Thank you. DxDiag.txt
  12. I'd looked over the notes and no indicators that it was only for single-player mode. Hopefully gets looked at soon.
  13. I get either the screenshot attached, or it just loads forever. It's the same for me and the friend I'm trying to play with. DxDiag.txt
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