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  1. No no, I don't mean pull things from creative to non-creative, but non-creative to creative. Like you'd have to go back to an earlier save to get to your non-creative game again, and resume building. The importing to creative would just let you see what you're building easier, and then you could take a screenshot and resume the game file (pre-building) and build it again. But now it just sounds complicated, lol.
  2. I do wish we could change the type of game/file on a whim though. I'd love to pull something I'm working on in medium into creative, just to see if my idea works out. It's high up and will take forever to do in medium, and even then I'm not sure it'd look right. I have to run away and get up high and peer at the building just to judge if I like it or not.
  3. I've killed a loooot of orb weavers in general, and I have only ever heard it once--and I hope never again.
  4. I ran into this issue tonight. I have stairs going up to a corner grass floor, and I get stuck at the top of the stairs and have to jump.
  5. I hated the analyzing eggs quest because I had the same issue. Someone said the solution is to kill any worker ant you see outside the ant hill. It seems like it's the worker ants that lay the eggs, but they can't lay eggs if they're not in their ant mound. Mine was filled with soldier ants. I tried to kill as many of those as I could but it was time-consuming and didn't seem to do anything to get me eggs. Instead I took the advice and went out of my way to kill every worker ant not in the ant hill. When I came back to the hill later, the worker ants were back, coming and going. The rooms with the egg decor let you know where the eggs are going to be, and sure enough, there were loads of ant eggs. I'm not sure if the eggs can directly hatch into ants, but for the next few days, there were ants everywhere in the game, in massive amounts, until finally there were only soldier ants and no eggs in the ant hill. I'm back to killing the ones I find in the wild.
  6. Oh crud, I did! I'm not sure where my mind is tonight, I'll try and get the other one deleted. That's a relief. I wonder if grass floors built directly on ground stunt growth as well.
  7. Did you update to the latest patch, 0.2.2? This. As far as I know, the latest patch addresses the file corruption/crashing. My friend and I were having a lot of trouble loading saves until it got patched. Do keep in mind, too, that the game is pre-release. Making suggestions and reporting bugs is all part of it.
  8. It'd be great to be able to make clay/pebblet walls, doors, windows, and floors (for second levels, foundations aren't do-able).
  9. I've only been able to get into the mint box once as Willow. I've tried crouching, going in backwards crouching, until the avatar is nearly glitching in place. It was a miracle I got in at all given how many times on different occasions I had tried. And then I almost couldn't get back out. It is insanely hard to get in there.
  10. I've found a spot I really like, but there's several pieces of grass. If I chop it down and build grass floors or pebblet foundations, will it just regrow through it again?
  11. lol! I've been playing with a friend on voice, and I'll be saying something and then suddenly start screaming. Hurts his poor ears. But it makes me feel better when he runs into something and I hear him start screaming.
  12. The thread is about spider nerfs, not spider glitches. They were just pointing that out.
  13. I imagine creative mode is really great for just trying out new builds and techniques, without any hassle or interruptions.
  14. I've been playing for a few weeks and thought I'd heard everything, until today. There were three orb weavers nearby (two sleeping), and I swear, it sounded like one of them started making sounds that almost sounded like words, but in a demonic tone. I've never been afraid of the orb weavers once I learned how to take them on, but this sent a chill down my spine.
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