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  1. Can confirm as well. I have been walking all around it, jumping ontop, hitting, walking backwards from it from multiple directions/spinning the camera around at different spots, and have had no luck getting this to flag as a Landmark/POI
  2. In the new update, when berries are "knocked" down from a high place and hit the ground, they now "smash" a little bit upon impact (which honestly, great job I love the little detail!) however, when you leave the smooshed berries, and move far enough away and come back, the berries will return back to their normal un-smooshed state, breaking the immersion a little bit. Obviously no major/game breaking bug, just a little world polish for when the major bugs are fixed. See images for examples of before vs. after. https://imgur.com/a/v9S9QMS
  3. In the hallway that you enter from towards the middle of the Hedge Lab (after starting from the bottom "entry" door after power is on, see video/picture for clearer "location"), There is a door with the spider webbing that would make the door "stuck" that you need to be in the same room as the research station to 'un-stick' the door. However, the door still opens up as if it is not stuck, exposing the web on the other side. This is only visual however, as when you attempt to hit the webbing with the door open, it makes the same sound as if you were hitting the door side of a stuck door, and do
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