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  1. Upon Saving a game, and re-loading that save, if you had any prior equipped weapons and gliders, they stay equipped, however the lower right corner of the screen no longer shows the details of what is equipped. Normally you would see weapon details there (and key uses), as well as the glider you have equipped. See screenshots for details. re-equipping an item corrects it, and brings the equipped item part of the HUD back. Glider icon also returns after you unequip/re-equip the glider. Steam Version & Gamepass versions both
  2. The 'Spoil' timer for the Tadpole meat and Water Flea meat does not seem to be updating, it just stays a full colored circle the whole time. Reference Picture attached: The Tadpole Meat and Waterfleat meat I had just gotten the afternoon before (in-game). Late that night, I then killed some aphids and took their meat. The two spoiled meats were tadpole meat that I had from a long time ago, and had JUST spoiled after I slept at night (with full bars of the spoil timer showing). The timer progression for the Aphid meat went down as expected after sleeping overnight, however the aquatic inse
  3. Are you on PC or Xbox? If you are on PC, mind trying to get a copy of the world save where it's not unlocking to add to your post? This way the developers can review the save file and see what's causing the bug. If you are on Xbox however, just give them your gamertag and they can try to work with Microsoft to get the needed files to review.
  4. When I played my save yesterday, I was able to activate the Biodome terminal and the cover of the 'fish bowl' did open up and work successfully. I also want to note, I forgot to get an image/video of it, however after I swapped the power mode to remote in the first part of the lab, the 2nd computer (that shows the 'Biodome terminal needs reset') never changed, and was still showing the 'Battery Backup' image. After swimming out and finding the hatch that lead into the dome portion, I was able to activate the Biodome terminal, and that computer changed to show the 'automode' and the covering of
  5. Nothing specific done prior, this happens in a brand new save, in creative, and in a pre-existing world. Whenever you try to place a wall at a 45 degree diagonal placement, the game will instead correct it to a 'straight' 90 degree angle to the corresponding grid layout.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/EtKUXd3 This link has images that show two instances where the Grass wall top crenellation does not properly cut/clip off at the top any longer when sandwiched between two floors, nor does it cut/clip off when sandwiched between stairs and floors. These are just blueprints, but left that way for clarity on seeing them. Even when built the top crenellations stay there and don't get clipped off. It's also difficult to see, but in the picture where the grass wall isn't clipped off with the stairs, the grass wall to the right does have the crenellations still there, and cl
  7. This is a brand-new save file, and found on the first day in the yard (no overnight sleep yet). The 2nd Wolf spider under the giant Oak tree was spawning half-way into the floor in the game, see attached image where the further wolf spider is stuck half way into the floor. I had used the 'Fix Creature Locations' button, which did force both spiders to respawn over to the right a bit, however as soon as the back wolf spider reached that same spot, he glitched back into the floor again. As well, upon walking into the den, they would aggro, however they were apparently 'stuck' and could not move.
  8. Can confirm as well. I have been walking all around it, jumping ontop, hitting, walking backwards from it from multiple directions/spinning the camera around at different spots, and have had no luck getting this to flag as a Landmark/POI
  9. In the new update, when berries are "knocked" down from a high place and hit the ground, they now "smash" a little bit upon impact (which honestly, great job I love the little detail!) however, when you leave the smooshed berries, and move far enough away and come back, the berries will return back to their normal un-smooshed state, breaking the immersion a little bit. Obviously no major/game breaking bug, just a little world polish for when the major bugs are fixed. See images for examples of before vs. after. https://imgur.com/a/v9S9QMS
  10. In the hallway that you enter from towards the middle of the Hedge Lab (after starting from the bottom "entry" door after power is on, see video/picture for clearer "location"), There is a door with the spider webbing that would make the door "stuck" that you need to be in the same room as the research station to 'un-stick' the door. However, the door still opens up as if it is not stuck, exposing the web on the other side. This is only visual however, as when you attempt to hit the webbing with the door open, it makes the same sound as if you were hitting the door side of a stuck door, and do
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