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  1. You do realize this isn't a full game release and there will probably be more bugs/glitches to inconvenience you and everyone else. So my advice is for you to realize that you'll have to restart from scratch more than once after this. I haven't played since the 1st content update, since I'm waiting for the bigger issues to be resolved. So suck it up buttercup!! This isn't only affecting you...
  2. Well known bug. Multiple posts about this. Do a search for ant hill lag.
  3. Quote him again and maybe he'll understand!! Apparently if he/she can't do what they want, the game is broken.
  4. If people would just search for their issues there wouldn't be multiple posts about the same thing.
  5. I'm xbox also and I've never had that issue. Did you uninstall and reinstall after last update?
  6. Did you delete alot of the older saves? Keep like the top 5 that work. Alot of people haven't been doing that still.
  7. He's basically trying to glitch build. Use the fake blueprint to start his base and then try to delete the blueprint that was never going to be used in the first place. This is a game breaking user error method. Im glad they have this feature. So you don't see floating bases or anything like that. Keep it up Obsidian!!
  8. If you would've read the patch release notes, you'd see you have to uninstall and reinstall for the change to take affect....
  9. I tried all weapons on mine and no damage. Are you on the easiest difficulty?
  10. Game breaking issue is/was the over population of larva and ants or crashing games. Having a part of your base fall because "you" remove something is not game breaking. It's user error.....
  11. I can't hurt my builds with a weapon of any sort now. I used to be able too, but not anymore. I play on casual or whatever the easiest setting is called.
  12. If you have it on casual or whatever the easiest setting is, you can't hurt your structures when hitting it. At least that seems to be the thing now. I definitely remember destroying my buildings while fighting something around it, usually ants. Xbox one.
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