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  1. I would gladly do so, if i knew how. Just know how to make screenshot (F12) during game. How can i send it to you, if i figured this out? Send a wetransfer link or so? Figured out how to make clip. Just need to know how or where to send it.
  2. Hello Cstanick, still having problems with it. Tried with 3 different preplaced anchors. One on the paintcan, next to the Haze and in front of the house. Another one on the gardenlight in front of the oaktree and another in the Hedge, just right of the birdbath. The route you could take earlier through the hedge from the research center to the birdbath. They won't be recognised as a possible anchorpoint when i try to connect a zipline from another anchor. Even when i stand right next to it, there is nothing to interact with. No option appears to connect a zipline to them. I p
  3. I mean those metal ones, like the ones in the hedge. Did you succeed to connect a zipline to them?
  4. Is it possible to use excisting zipline anchors? To connect with them? I noticed a few excisting zip line anchors (on top of garden light by oak tree and one of the paint cans) and would like to connect a zipline to them. They can't be selected as an anchor and can;t find anything on them that could be switched so i would be able to connect. Still, it seems to me that are there for some reason even though no zip line is connected. Did someone succeed with this?
  5. Same problem. Killed 4 ladybugs and still no head. Then killed one, then kept reloading and killing it 5 times and still no ladybug head. Amount of parts difers though, but never a head. Getting tired of hunting for the ladybug head.
  6. Is it possible to disable hotpouch menu? Not sure how, but everytime i start a fight it pops up in my screen. Don't think i use any button to call it, just left and right button on my mouse (pc). Then i have to use esc to get rid of it but lose the fight in meantime. Really annoying. Solved it myself.
  7. Thank you for your help. You really helped. I expected that I should be able to click on the sentence with Tutorial before it and I would get an explanation how to handle it but that doesn't seem to be the case. Looked for answers with google and found some. Like with most games, this will be easier the 2nd time around.
  8. Just started playing this game but i have the feeling that i missed some explination of how to use tutorials. I see a message in top left corner that says Tutorial "Build a Lean-to" but don't know how to start the tutorial. Seem to need an axe, but have no clue how to make such a thing. Is there a special button for Tutorials? Playing on PC, singleplayer
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