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  1. I have killed atleast 5 ladybugs and haven't looted a ladybug head yet. Is it a small chance that you get one or not in-game yet? I have the tier 2 bow, hammer, and club; i just want the insect axe.....
  2. I have the same Larva issue. I call it the nightly platoon. A swarm of 8-15 show up in a line outside my base and thinking back; i don't think that happened before the traps. Currently there are about 10 dtuck on some textures near the mints, so ive been going way around to get by. Idk if you have this: a spider (sometimes Orb, sometimes Wolf) will spawn inside my structure occasionally when I sleep or leave and come back. I have to hope i can pelt them with arrows through the window. This is incredibly frustrating.
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