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Spike Trap causing Larva Swarm

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First off, love the game. Concept, art, lighting (phenomenal lighting), it's all a very beautiful and potentially fun game... so.....

I don't believe it's coincedence that once I build around 4 - 6 spike traps a swarm of larva show up at my location at attack. As it's been at my base, there has been so many and they are so powerful that at tier one or two they are unstoppable without using game glitches, ie getting them stuck in places or attacking from stairs, leaf ramps, or just running away and hope they don't start chewing on your base... and if that is the intended strategy, it seems a bit weak and very limiting....

I've saved prior to building the spike traps and reloaded multiple times and they show up as soon as the traps are finished, which sounds like a trigger to me... why would you want to send a swarm of larva instantly to the players location only to have them destroy everything he/she has just spent a lot of time and resources building. After which, they then need to spend another in game day or two just to rebuild... who wants to do that?

Can't play the game for awhile because this issue is surprisingly annoying to the point of why do anyting.... Why build a base, when the bugs spawn inside or walk through walls. Why build traps when the bugs just destroy them and/or aren't even phased by them. Why build armor when a couple of hits from any bug as big or bigger than larva will kill you. Why give your character the block ability when the bugs attack faster than you can block - then attack. Did you guys even play your game prior to release or are you just using us to do it for you? 

Also, the Tier 2 Spider Fang  Dagger does less damage and the same amount of poison as the Larva Blade. Considering the resources required to make the Spider Fang ---- ie, from a wolf spider no less, and the low drop rate of spider venom, this dagger should do way more than the Larva Blade... again, otherwise, what's the point.

The Sap Catcher... love this idea.... It seems to me though that considering the size of the Catcher, it was intended to collect more than one piece of sap at a time? At it's current state, it only collects one and then just sits there. If that was it's intended purpose, fine, but can you make them smaller? To put a whole bunch out there becomes visually obnoxious when you are trying to collect a lot of sap.

The pathing of the insects is also highly intelligent... how would an ant, larva, etc know what a spike trap is and why would they walk around it? For that matter, shouldn't the spike trap not only slow the insects down... currently they walk over it as if it were nothing... and shouldn't the spike trap do more damage to some insects vs others... spiders should be immune but larva should get wrecked based on their legs and size and height to the ground? 

The Lure Trap in it's current state only lures ants. Is this the intended use of this trap? If so, all you are potentially getting is a whole lot of ant parts which you don't need and is easy to acquire. With the minor exception that the small ants may have brought a piece of hotdog or apple with them. It would be way more useful to be able to lure a random variety of insects rather than just ants.... That said, I love the idea of traps, especially for catching otherwise difficult or hard to kill insects and I would love to see more in that vein.

I think that's it for the moment. Thank you for taking the time to listen...truly.

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I have the same Larva issue. I call it the nightly platoon. A swarm of 8-15 show up in a line outside my base and thinking back; i don't think that happened before the traps. Currently there are about 10 dtuck on some textures near the mints, so ive been going way around to get by.  Idk if you have this: a spider (sometimes Orb, sometimes Wolf) will spawn inside my structure occasionally when I sleep or leave and come back.  I have to hope i can pelt them with arrows through the window. This is incredibly frustrating. 

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I read this before i built my base, and I avoided traps specifically because of this. However, as soon as I started building palisades around my base, there came swarms of larva on queue. It's not just traps, it's any defensive measures including palisade walls.

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Also, to note, as this definitely seems to be a trigger designed by the creators, the work around, at least for me, seems to make sure you sleep at night, and when you do build a defensive structure, immediately run away from your base and they will spawn/trigger on you and if you run far enough away, they generally go away. Not a great mechanic and poorly designed at best. Please make a trigger that's a bit more sophisticated, that would very much be appreciated.

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I also feel like I need to add another "Why bother" to the list... the Insect Hammer. It's a Tier II weapon like the Ant Club so I'm using that as the comparison. The Insect Hammer does less damage, is slower, and does the same amount of Stun as the Ant Club. However, to build it, you need rarer or harder to get parts, ie... 4 Stinkbug Parts, 1 Boiling Gland, and 4 Berry Leather vs the Ant Club which only requires 4 Ant Parts, 2 Woven Fibers, and 2 Mandibles... all of which are way easier to find and easier to replace without having to waste your time with a repair tool. So again, Why Bother. I'm assuming this was an oversight and that the Ant Club will get nerfed, but for now.....

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