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Some of new quests don't work

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I keep getting problems with some of the quests.

Mixologist: Craft 5 smoothies - I can make smoothies all i want but it doesn;t count them

Achilles'Heel: Land 5 hits on enemies weakpoints - Stabbed ants and bees in their eyes, chopped at ladybirs legs but none counts

I can't delete the quest, so theey stay active and can't get others.

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Achilles's heel quest is either bugged or I'm just not understanding it. That and how the heck am I supposed to get on top of that stinking bird bath??? I mean seriously gave myself a headache trying to figure it out the other day. But I absolutely love love all the new ways to collect raw science. I've always been horrible at catching the twinkle bugs so now I can catch a few hear and there and duplicate them with science points. Love the new update, please fix Achilles's heel.


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