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  1. Finding jerky on the floor and floating above the jerky rack after the 3.0 update.
  2. I noticed they added respawnable clay to the southern areas of the map but there is still no respawnable clay in the Northern part of the map near the Etch Sketch.
  3. As the title says, I have a ladybug stuck in the burg L base (Xbox)
  4. Everytime I try to place this build my game instantly crashes (Xbox)
  5. The meat shield and breathing lungs thing are already unlocked even if you didn't find the chips
  6. It's alright I'm in the same boat love the game but unfortunately in its current state it doesn't really offer replay value. This "major" update also did not seem to add as much as I had expected not to mention I am now getting even worse bugs like not even being to load the game from the title screen. It's almost like these devs don't even test their patches and if that is really the case then good luck to Obsidian meeting their 2021 deadline. I'm sure the game will be great when it's completed like Ark, that game was terrible when it was in it's preview state but it's really good now. So I'm about to do the same and shelf this game until completion. Waiting for these monthly "major updates" aren't worth it especially when nothing of significance was really added to this one. We got perks, some new builds like tables, a crow that doesnt fight, quests and water flea not even worth mentioning. Anyway the teaser hyped this update up and now I'm disappointed obsidian acted like this would be a major change as well, I guess their definition of major is what I define as minor.
  7. Lmao. I added a floor so it looks alright now but I was in for a shock when I logged into the new patch.
  8. If you go to the official website of grounded and watch the little snippet trailer you'll see a stone/pebble wall with weapons on it. I'm guessing this is a preview of what's to come.
  9. No if anything my game has a lot more of them now. Those aren't gnat spawns but you might see the odd one flying through there every now and then. Look for those electric bug zappers they're usually around those. They also like to gather pollen another gnat location is the flowers in the North East side of the map just east of the oak/acorn tree.
  10. Was stoked to see this added to the game but not so stoked to see that it doesn't fight. All living creatures on this game are able to engage in combat so why can't we fight the bird? I understand it is vastly larger than the insects and would probably be a super long fight if they made it realistic, but I would be happy to have a 2nd boss to fight as the Broodmother was not satisfying at all to fight it's just a copy of a wolf spider.
  11. Yeah it's hard to farm the feathers especially since we can't fight them. They only drop 1 at a time and don't spawn very regularly. I recently made a bed didn't take me 12 days to get the 2 feathers though maybe around 5-6.
  12. I'm guessing its for a smoothie recipe
  13. After the patch I've been noticing massive amounts of ants EVERYWHERE. kudos for the realism but it makes my game super laggy especially in the ant hill. I think this is an issue with the ant eggs over spawning.
  14. Having this issue. Can't even exit the game either when this happens have to do a hard reset on my Xbox. After doing this though it loads but it's been happening a few times.
  15. Yea no bees I think it may come next update as I noticed they expanded the flowers in the area where there supposed to be. Found a bird that seems to be the "major" update for this patch but you can't fight it -.-
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