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  1. I think I was in creative mode on the pc but the xbox i do remember fighting the ants what would stick their head through the wall and being able to kill them without damage to the wall itself. This changed on the last update. Now when the ants stick their head through the wall, my weapon will destroy the wall as well as kill the ant. I had a spider trap for killing Orb Spiders, this is now useless to me as I am destroying what was keeping me safe. Not liking this at all!!! >
  2. Hmmm, the weapons destroying buildings just started happening on the xbox with the last update. so this is new to me as I could smack on them all day and no damage what so ever. The PC version is soooo much better. This game seems to be geared to the next gen xbox, the series X.... on the 1st gen xbox... it has issues that the other two systems I have played this on do not. It was very easy to crash the xbox one x in creative mode. literally took 2 sec to place a grass floor piece. same game save on the PC and it was almost instant... slight delay.... My creativity was limited LOL. I was making a walkway over the grass, had a high dive into the pond... it was pretty cool.... but way to slow to play on the xbox, could only play that save on my PC. PS - Thank you for the clarification on Superquit!
  3. This seems to be new on the Xbox with the last update. Is this a glitch or new feature? This makes my spider traps useless since they are being destroyed by my weapons. I have tested this on a building wall as well without fighting an insect... just attacking the wall itself. Not liking this new addition. Please say this is a glitch in the code.
  4. On the Xbox one X I am not having issues anymore... however the 1st gen that I have there are still a few. I have to load the game 2-3 times to get the data to read proper. Even if I clear out reserved space and local saves and re-pull them from the cloud, it still takes 2-3 times logging in to get it to work. Again, this is only on the 1st gen xbox. I have recently downloaded a copy for the PC and I have to say.... 1000 times better than the Xbox. I was making a skywalk in the game above the grass and bogged down the Xbox One X. There was a 2 sec delay to lay a piece of floor. On the PC, almost instant. I have an 8th gen i5 processor, 64gig ram, radeon graphic card with 8 gig ram on it. Only downside is that it really works my processor fan. Wonder if they are gearing this game for the new System X.... which they should warn since this game is too intense for the older systems they advertise them for.
  5. The save issues on the X model seem to have cleared up but still having issues with the regular xbox. How I get around this is to clear all reserved space and local saved data. When the game loads, it will pull all saved data from the cloud and your saves will show up. I do not have the PC version so I do not know if there is an option for this. My purchase was suppose to include a copy for both the PC and XBOX but keeps asking for a payment when I try to download through the microsoft store. Gotta love it LOL. The issue now is that I have to log in twice for that fix to work.... even deleting before i try to play for the 1st time, I still have to delete again and it will work on the 2nd try... sometimes it takes 3 times... annoying as hell since it is a slow loading game.
  6. I am having an issue with my regular xbox that I am not getting with the X model. I am having to log in 2 times before it will read any saved data. Here is the process EVERY TIME I want to play this game. Start the game to the point of loading a saved game. I get a blank page. Close the game, delete reserved space and local saved data. Start the game... then I get my saved games. So I tried to just delete the reserved space and local saved data before starting and save a long start process.... No Luck. It makes me do a log in twice every time i play on my regular xbox. I do not have this issue on the X model xbox. Very annoying since I play mostly on the lower end system... the better system is in the family room and is usually in use. Any fix for this? EDIT - I was finally able to download the PC version. Very nice... much faster and graphics seem sharper. One thing I noticed that started happening on the Xbox that is NOT happening on the PC version is that my weapons will not destroy my buildings. The xbox version will. I have a "kill platform" for killing the orb spiders. Ever since the last Xbox update, my weapons will destroy my walls, decorations, doors... etc.... this is not happening on the PC version. Can this be fixed on the xbox? Also - All my saves were there unlike the regular xbox. The load time on the PC is soooo much faster than either xbox. Once i get use to the keyboard, this may be the version I play most. What is superquit? LOL
  7. Thanks I will try that..... Still not too far into the game. I have found a work around for the saving/syncing issues I am having so now that I can retrieve saves, i can move forward. It seems to still have issues loading my last save when switching between xboxs. When I play on the One X, the regular Xbox One has no saves. I need to delete all local data and have it re-downloaded from the cloud. Same in reverse, if I play on the regular Xbox One... then play on the One X, I again have to delete all local data and re-download it. Another issue I have noticed is that when you go to recycle a grass pallet the game will freeze then throw you out. Every time. I tried to install this on my PC to see if I have the same issues, and even though this is a "Play Anywhere" game, I am being asked to pay 29.99 AGAIN or join game pass. I purchased this game already.... Play anywhere should mean I can play on all compatible devices as I can Forza, Gears, and a few others.... Someone should contact microsoft and let them know your game is not installing everywhere as it should. Fun game!!! I can lose time and be in it for hours... cannot wait till the final release!!
  8. Notice the terrain has changed a bit... I have a huge hole/pit outside the door of one of my huts. LOL. Looks like I am going to have to recycle and rebuild a couple of huts. Although flat land seems to be really rare in this update so far. Still having issues with saves and 2 different xboxs having different saves if any at all, but that is in another post.
  9. Having all kinds of saving issues... 2 xboxes, one has saves... the other does not. Cleared all local saved data, pulled my info from the cloud.... still no saves on the 1st gen xbox. The xbox one x will show saved games. Some progress.... LOL
  10. So, I have been having a LOT of issues with games saving and loading since I purchased this game 8/7/20.... I have 2 Xbox Ones. 1 is the 1st generation when they originally came out, and an xbox one x I purchased at christmas. The xbox one x has different saved games. The 1st generation has NO saved games. I clear out the saved data that is on the 1st gen ONLY, it will download from the cloud but NO saves.... I did get one save, it was from 8/9/20. I did get this save on the xbox one x but advanced and saved that game that was not there on the 1st gen. I go to the other room and get on the xbox one x and I have saved games. Including the game save mentioned above with all the progress. Why? It's the same Xbox account... should be saving and pulling data from one place right? Why are my games different or not saved at all from 2 different machines. So when I go to play at a friends and log my account in, I have nothing again? So in short... The 1st gen xbox one seems to have issues with saves still.... I cannot get the same game loaded from 2 different systems. That sucks!
  11. Even on the xbox one x it loads way too slow... Horizon 4 with their massive world maps and all the extension packs do not take as long as this game does to load. But honestly... this is mild to my issue.... sometimes I have saved games, sometimes I do not. Now, imagine waiting all this time to load expecting to continue a game and there is nothing there 80% of the time.
  12. Another Update: So yesterday i was able to play, the game saved and I was able to start where I left off. This was on the XBOX One X.... I go to play a little before bed on the other XBOX One (1st gen)... guess what... NO SAVED GAMES!!! I wake up this morning and try the game on the 1st gen xbox and they are there this morning. WTF????? This is crazy... log into a game... will I have saved games? will I start from the beginning again? If nothing else... that is suspenseful... is this part of the game experience? LMAO. At least it is good to see that my saves are there... now if I can just access them with some regularity life will be great!
  13. Welcome to the preview game! I am having the issues saving... Sometimes I have saved games... sometimes I do not. Started this game several times... one day, I see a saved game from 9/8/2020... that one seems to have stuck and will show up but not all the time.. Went to play before bed, no saved games... I try the game this morning... my saved games is there. This is AWESOME!!! LMAO!!!
  14. Here is an update.... I got into the game last night before resetting anything... there was 1 saved game. NOT the last game I played and saved.... but one that was an older save. Like before I started 2-3 new games. None of those are there. At least it was some progress... all my backpacks where i died are all there... my house, and other things were there.... So I guess the game is saving... just might not be saving properly and not reading the saved games properly. That was sooo strange to see the older save... but good to see something. At least I know why microsoft refused the refund... they might see the saved games I cannot.... Hope this gets resolved soon. Further Update.... So, today I go to play, there is a saved game... WOO HOO!!! Nope!.... save date 9/8/2020 7:28 PM. Basically the same save I started with last night and played with for a couple of hours. ALL that progress GONE!
  15. Thank you! Fingers crossed on the update and I will try resetting the router and see if that does anything. It really is frustrating... always having to start from the beginning and lose everything you have built. I really hope this can be resolved.
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