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  1. All of my backpacks in the deep part of the pond were at the initial spawn point in my games. The backpacks did not show on my HUD until I went back and 'saw' them. Then they appeared on the HUD. I didn't need to use the Game Preview Debug, but that is a great idea if they are not there.
  2. In the multiplayer game, yes. Loose anything: planks or stems or acorn bits - these all bounce around as they enter render distance. Sometimes it causes lag, sometimes it causes rubber-banding.
  3. In our multiplayer game this evening, things began to lag and glitch. And I happened to look over towards the rose bushes from our homebase, and beheld the strangest sight. I have no idea what happened, or if this is normal, or even the cause of our glitching and lag. But I thought it would be worth sharing. Has anyone else seen anything like this?
  4. Thanks for the clarification and explanation. Good to know its something on the roadmap.
  5. Discovered this post and sent in a ticket. Looks like others are experiencing similar.
  6. After not playing for a month or so, my friend and I started a new multiplayer game last Friday (November 20). The game ran flawlessly and we have played every day for several hours since. She is hosting the game, and I am joining. She only has 3 saves at a time. However, just now as we loaded in a few things happened: 1) My inventory disappeared and I started at the beginning case. Also, I had all of the beginner quests to find food and drink re-enabled. We tried reloading a past save which did not change this. A bummer since I was wearing the bee armor and carrying the bee spear,
  7. Not sure what this would be called in dev-speak, but I'd love to see shared multiplayer games. I primarily play with friends, and we all wish we could log into and out of a shared game without the same specific person needing to host.
  8. I've been having a similar problem since the latest update. On a PC and the game will just crash to desktop. No auto-saves or manual saves since after the update will load.
  9. Was going to post and saw this thread already here. I'm seeing the same. Additionally insects seem to be stuck: aphids not able to move off from a small stick they are on, ants not able to move around a single blade of grass they bumped into, weevil stuck against a pebble on the ground.
  10. For me, there was an egg in an anthill that was just a prop. The image you have looks like that egg (the bits of broken shell look to be in the same place) and I couldn't interact with it. However, I went to a different anthill and was able to interact with all the eggs there.
  11. I've heard them snore also. But to be fair, I've not heard anything other than some really creepy growls and hissing. At times it does sound like perhaps some human voices were used as a base for the noises the sound designers created, but I haven't heard any actual words as my friend asserts. I can see where she thinks that though. I think its pareidolia - like when we see faces in patterns or bunnies in clouds or hear voices in white noise but I'd love to know if there is any truth to what she hears the spiders say though.
  12. My friend swears the spiders whisper threatening things like 'eat them' and 'kill them' amidst their other noises. I think its pareidolia; but last night I hung out on a branch above a wolf spider and an orb spider and I totally understand why she says that! I have to give props to the sound design people, spiders are so creepy. Has anyone else heard the spiders whisper?
  13. I just received a reply from sending in my save files. Hopefully we will see a hotfix soon.
  14. I have no doubt they are working on it, but it is still nice to know someone has heard from them.
  15. Has anyone heard or seen anything from the devs on this issue? It's been 5 days of not being able to play anything but a new game for me, and it is really frustrating. (Not only am I off this whole week and was hoping to spend a lot of time playing, but I convinced 3 of my friends to buy the game so we could all play together, and our first game was when it crashed on Friday night).
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