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  1. Thanks very much! Gamertags Stonedprophet and InfamousCow.
  2. Our Oak Tree Base. Will be opening up the game to visitors soon. Gamertag: Stonedprophet
  3. If you find a solution pleas post it. I resigned myself to the fact that that folder will be 1gb or whatever with all those saves. Until they correctly allow us to delete them (in-game I’m guessing which is tedious), it will be what it is. But at least we can play now?
  4. UPDATE As of 0.32: I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times and on my 3rd time, after I waited for the cloud syning loop to continue finish, it finally did. After it finished i restarted the game and could FINALLY save the game again. This is on PC Gamepass current patch. For those of you still experiencing the "Mas Save Slots Used" and the syncing data pop-up loop, I suggest just let it go for a while. Maybe takes 20 minutes maybe 2 hours, i have no idea. But that worked for me. Asisde from that I am not experiencing any major issues aside from the ones I was previously having. Lag/De-sync hot/client issues
  5. Would be interested to know if this is fixed completely in this 0.32 hotfix.
  6. UPDATE: I finally heard back direct from OBSIDIAN SUPPORT but it’s mostly what I thought. At least they are aware and working on it “ Hello Kevin, I'm sorry you ran into this issue with the save files . The team is aware of a few variations of this issue and are still investigating the cause in the hopes that they can get a fix out as soon as possible. In the meantime, some players have reported that uninstalling and reinstalling Grounded triggered their cloud saves to resync and brought their saves back. It may be worth trying this to gain back any lost progress until the team can get a fix out that prevents these save issues. If you happen to learn anything else about this save issue or if you run into any other issues, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can look into those as well. In case it helps, we recently created a Grounded Issue Tracker and Grounded Feature Board if you want to check the status and latest information about commonly reported issues and new features coming to Grounded. Thank you for letting us know about this issue with your save files and sorry again for all the trouble it has been causing. --William BeasleyPlayer Support Analystsupport@obsidian.net”
  7. Having the same issue with Ziplines as well. Works great for host but client gets kicked if they are even in the game at all. Client gets kicked when building sometimes but this is a known issue to do with size of bases and number of static assets in the world. Platform: Gamepass/PC Mode: Multiplayer/2 Players In terms of losing items and mutations, that has happened as well. A workaround we have found is to just have the host revert to a previous autosave and then rejoin. Sometimes just rejoining a few times resolves this. May not work for all though
  8. Tried going into “Add/remove programs” and removing it there? The one in the Control Panel Sometimes the windows uninstall scripts are not reliable for one reason or another. Also, make sure your windows is up to date.
  9. Yeah. I had the same issue in terms of a fresh re-install and getting stuck in a loop. It’s acting like the game is trying to ping the cloud server and part of the code just keeps accidentally triggering it over and over without resolution. Well now we know, with more certainty that reinstalling has zero effect. Good luck to us all in patiently waiting.
  10. Game pass doesn’t give you any option to modify the way you save, i.e. disable cloud saves. In the gamepass version (not sure about steam) it won’t even let you get into any game without it syncing with the cloud. I’ve tried any number of options for removing files and replacing them with backups, and while I can sometimes access those saves, it doesn’t matter. the old ones just come back and fill up all the slots which keeps creating the save error. again, hopefully will be fixed soon. Obviously if ANYONE hears of a workaround, we’d all like to know.
  11. Eun, I am having the same issue. The cloud services is re-download/re-constituting those saves from its last known state. And yes, they are all jumbled in terms of data and files being put in individual folders instead a root folder for that save. As Redneck mentioned earlier, it’s a sync issue, and I agree. For whatever reason our cloud footprints are not registering new save activity or, perhaps not even connecting to the game properly. This is resulting in the cloud syncs “looping” and insisting that our saves are maxed out, and putting its last known saves back into our computer. I have tested this multiple times after multiple reinstalls. As of right now I have reinstalled the game 4 times, tried different hard drives, tried turning off all other services that could interfere, and nothing has helped. After my latest reinstall I get the cloud data syncing loop over and over and can’t even get into a game at all. So I’m just waiting. I’ve email obsidian support multiple times and sent a recent save file too. Not sure what else to do.
  12. I did uninstall and reinstall. And the issue persisted. I had 0 saves and then upon game startup it had synced all my old saves and said max slots used. Though I’m happy to try again to see if that helps.
  13. Glad to hear it. As of last night I still have the same issue. I don’t think it’s any better or worse, but I still can’t save. Still getting the “Max Save Slots Used” error in single player and multiplayer. I’ve sent another email to obsidian support regarding the issue after the 3.1 update. It may be user specific, as in issues tied to specific Microsoft accounts and some specific cloud issue with said account. Who knows.
  14. I have just posted about this issue and am having the same exact symptoms and messages. The physical files are repopulating in the “Saved Games” folder in windows after deletion and restart of the game. It is absolutely a cloud sync issue of some kind. And “ESED” is most likely “USED” spelled incorrectly. I have also sent an email to obsidian regarding this issue. I am unable to save my game and can no longer progress. HOWEVER: I have successfully shared my save file with a friend who was able to “re-name” it and run it as the host (he is usually joining and I’m hosting). This allows us to continue playing however there are still bad de-sync issues for us and I get kicked every time he builds something. we’ll just have to wait for a patch. I’m sure they are working on it and are aware of all of these issues. It seems like their net code could use some polishing.
  15. Good to know I’m not the only one. My friend was actually able to use one of my latest save files once he renamed the parent folder with the long number/letter string to the one I have on MY system, thereby “tricking” his computer to think it’s me. At least I think so anyhow. In any case, he can now host my save file, and can save the game from his system, with me joining his game. However, it still suffers from client crashes (I’m the client now) when ziplines are built. Also, when he builds structures in game, I get kicked 7/10 times. The same issue I was having when I was the host. so at least there is some consistency? Hope they get this ironed out soon. We really love this game.
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