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  1. Actually, the jumping aphids I met first. In the video it is the other way around. Happened when I cut the scenes together so it got mixed up. But you can see I used the reset function (to the end, and the aphid will just jump at another location).
  2. HI, here is a video with several creature glitches. And the new Save game that comes with it - lawn mites still stuck in place - creature pathfinding issues around weeds (in this case bombadier beetle) - aphid unable to get on grass blade and will just stop before it (not in the video, but on the 3rd try it actually got onto one) - pointless aphid jumping Save game is freshly made with this version. Ever since you updated the unreal engine this has been an issue. (ID-F2BBA74849894C297A3E319B20A935AB)(GameTime-0d, 9m, 7s)(Area-Grasslands).zip
  3. Yes, I did. Here is a GIF. It is to the end. A Singleplayer game I started fresh with the 0.4.0 patch. Imgur: The magic of the Internet With an older existing Multiplayer game the Aphid mostly run to the grass blade and just stops there. Here is also a Video which shows the vanishing Aphid and also where it just stops at the blade. EDIT: Contrary to the video Title, it is only the existing MP game. The GIF is only the new SP game.
  4. Started a new 0.4.0 Singleplayer game, but the insects are still behaving weird sometimes. It got better but still... - Aphids will jump up and down without running away - Are Aphids supposed to vanish after running away 5cm as soon as they get behind a grass blade? - Creatues will get stuck (the Orb weaver near the stone slab moved into a stone) - Lawn mites are stuck in moving animation without actually moving. They get out if they make their jump attack most of the time. - Bombadier beetle is unable to run around a weed to get to me I believe it is still something with the height difference. If its flat terrain it is mostly fine. It gets problematic if there are differences. WIll post some video this evening about some random findings.
  5. But not in the public 0.4.0 test branch yet, right? Just tried it out and the bugs are still bugged
  6. Me and my friend have the same issues with the creatures. bombadier, orb weavers and ladybugs are getting easily stuck at grass and even won't attack you most of the time. They will only attack you if you get too close yourself but they won't close the distance themselves most of the time to attack you. They just stand about 10cm out of range and are waiting to be shot to death. Sync issue fixed, but this is also a bad bug Also a lot of lawn mites are stuck at one spot and cannot move at all.
  7. Ah, my bad, I did not consider that. A search field with pre-issued tags which sorts them to the most used one might help even with controller if they can easily switch the tag to another one. But I guess, the crafting menu needs a bigger revamp for this to work better with controllers. This may even help with the idea you want if the items are just sorted by tags. Or they allow quick crafting from the blueprint in the world if you miss the crafted items but you have the pre-resources for it to craft.
  8. For woven fiber you can just click in the needed resources to quick craft them without changing the blueprint to woven fiber. If you need to search through the menus, an actual search field will be way better. But it shouldn't just work on craft recipe names but also with tags like "health" for example to filter relevant items.
  9. Same problem. But i can add for the OP: This is only a visual bug. The items are still at the correct place and can be used there.
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