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[] Insects are still acting weird or are stuck at specific places without beeing able to move away


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Started a new 0.4.0 Singleplayer game, but the insects are still behaving weird sometimes. It got better but still...

- Aphids will jump up and down without running away

- Are Aphids supposed to vanish after running away 5cm as soon as they get behind a grass blade?

- Creatues will get stuck (the Orb weaver near the stone slab moved into a stone)

- Lawn mites are stuck in moving animation without actually moving. They get out if they make their jump attack most of the time.

- Bombadier beetle is unable to run around a weed to get to me

I believe it is still something with the height difference. If its flat terrain it is mostly fine. It gets problematic if there are differences.

WIll post some video this evening about some random findings.

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5 hours ago, shakee said:

Are Aphids supposed to vanish after running away 5cm as soon as they get behind a grass blade?

they run up the grass blades, did you check there?


Rest of this i've also seen in single player, using existing save game.


Xbox One X

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Yes, I did. Here is a GIF. It is to the end. A Singleplayer game I started fresh with the 0.4.0 patch.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

With an older existing Multiplayer game the Aphid mostly run to the grass blade and just stops there.

Here is also a Video which shows the vanishing Aphid and also where it just stops at the blade.

EDIT: Contrary to the video Title, it is only the existing MP game. The GIF is only the new SP game.

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I agree, all insects now act very strangely...Ants for example; I'll aggro right out front of the Ant Hill, to the right side of the open gulley running from the first Analyser you're directed to. Then, yes Workers and Soldiers come out, eyes burning red, they come to this spot I've referenced[should get the L/L] and just 'sit', aggro'd out, eyes red.  They want to attack me...but they don't/can't?!  They'll cluster a group of up to 5 or so and. Every once in a while a Worker will actually attack me, while the idle group just glow with red eyes?!? It was an easy way to max out the 2 latest Mutations[Axe,Hammer]...

Some mites are nailed to the ground, some still wander and actually get their attacks off...

Wolf Spider in the Oak Tree den just faced away from me as I range attacked with arrows, never seemed to aggro and play the music?? another cheezy kill, most kills now are fairly simple, Stink Bugs are my nemesis now; no reason to even bother Bomby's anymore, once you get the few parts needed for gear.

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