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  1. drop fine for me they're all over the yard like they have been since the crow was added.
  2. I see them around the yard, random places like before, i had one on the yellow leaf on the north side of the machine yesterday when i played, another in the gully trail from the machine to the field lab.
  3. Yes, i'm on the PTS 4.0 build, that's what this forum is for after all.
  4. my guess is the "large base" is causing issues like it did with saves loading a few patches back. My base is maybe mid sized? 3 stories 4 x 5 floor planks or so with a balcony piece another 3 floor planks out. I had no lag adding a storage room to my base, or building onto a smaller outpost base near the poison gas area.
  5. they run up the grass blades, did you check there? Rest of this i've also seen in single player, using existing save game.
  6. my save game issue on xbox one x was fixed with this update. previous it would save nothing since 9/30, now i have save files again.
  7. Logged in today and none of my recent saves are showing. My last save is from Sept. 30. All the manual saves auto saves and log out saves gone. Only 4 saves in my list. Time to take a break until the saves are fixed. I'm tired of having to redo everything I just completed.
  8. shields yes, those have been asked for for a while now. class breakdowns, no. i don't think they'd fit in a survival game, that'd shift the focus from survival to classes to do classes right. If they're not done right i'd rather not see them.
  9. page loads fine for me. And i have no issues with the saves now or the pallets, haven't with pallets for a few patches now since they fixed it the first time. Short list of notes = Fixed random client crash when pickup up items Fixed crash with destroying Plank Pallet or Stem Pallet building Fixed crashes dealing with Cloud Save syncing on the Main Menu Fixed issues with saves not properly uploading or downloading from the Xbox Cloud causing corrupted or missing saved game
  10. what if they had a timer when you targeted the resource like the spinning wheel timer? That would cut down on the clutter shown if you have multiple items waiting to regrow in the same spot.
  11. we have roses and thorns in the game already, roses are to the east of the Oak tree along the pond. Not sure on wrapper armor, ever see ants go after a candy bar? they rip through the wrapper quite easily. I think it would be cool if we could use the pop cans around the yard, make that into tier 4 armor and weapons/tools like discussed above with a forge.
  12. the damage was changed last patch, they upped the acid and lowered the physical damage. They're still just as easy to fight as before, i've never used the smoothie, just use a bandage and mint mallet or dagger, they fall quick.
  13. There has never been insects in creative mode. it's just a free build mode. Your wife must have been mistaken which game mode she was in? Don't believe everything you see in streams and youtube, they often use mods and other cheats.
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