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  1. I been saying the same thing. It should be a war between certain bugs. They should be fighting over certain territories and for food.
  2. The stinkbug and grub are the two bugs that don't have a head mount or a stuffed version. We need a head mount and stuffed version for every bug. I got a row of small storage houses with bug head mounts and stuffed bug art to show which bug resource is in each house.
  3. Found a save that would actually allow me to save now its messing up again. I'm getting tired of having to go back days just to play. I think I'm gonna just stop playing for awhile or maybe just play with other people that don't have the problems I'm having.
  4. I noticed that too. I killed one and didnt get nothing but a grub goop.
  5. Same here. Its like when you trying to move or place a decoration on something you can still interact with things like open a door or recycle things. I made a post about this issue the other day. Its not locking the other options out. When I'm trying to move an item I shouldn't see the option recycle at the bottom nor should I be able to open and close a door when I am trying to place a blueprint somewhere,
  6. They need to lock everything else out when you enter crafting mode or when you are moving things around. I can still open and close doors when I am setting blueprints or when I am moving built objects around. I can recycle things also. That needs to change because it stops me from moving things into certain spots and placing blueprints on walls sometimes can be a pain. There needs to be a hotfix for this and we need to go back to how it was but keep the move built object feature.
  7. On the xbox one I did a few things today and saved my game maybe 8 to 10 times and when I logged out of the game none of the save games I did today were there. It looks like the save issue is back. I might uninstall and install again to see if that helps. Don't know if anyone else is going through this.
  8. Everything I did yesterday didn't save and I saved my game multiple times before getting off Grounded.
  9. From the looks of it you can only place the item when the words Recycle and Supporting are not appearing. When its visible its hard to place cause it thinks you're trying to recycle something so its like the two are conflicting with one another in a way. You have to get in a weird angle which is almost impossible to where those words don't appear for you to place an item on a wall or floor. I manage to place one head mount on a wall but I'm having a hard time doing the other.
  10. I'm going through the same thing when it comes to placing anything. Its impossible to place a bug head mount because you have to be close to do it.
  11. When I'm crafting a decoration to put on a wall or on top of something it doesn't allow me to place it there even though the blueprint is blue. And when it comes to head mounts its the same issue but worse since you have to be close to a wall to put a bug head mount on there.
  12. You can also use the bug head mount if you're doing something similar to what I'm doing. I'm making like a village in the sky and each small house is like a storage/store and what I'm using is the bug head mounts to let players know what type of resource is in there. The only downsize is that there isn't a stinkbug head mount or mosquitoe or firefly but the bee head mount is coming so hopefully the others will come too.
  13. Yeah that's what I been planning to do especially with the leaf symbol and ant symbol.
  14. I think it would be a good idea to have icons for every type of resource and bug in the game. So for example if I were to craft a storage chest and fill it with clay I would choose the clay icon so I will know what chest to go to if I need more clay. And the same thing for sprigs, sap and bug parts. Its just difficult trying to be organize and remembering where stuff is and the icons we do have available don't do a good job at describing whats inside the storage chest.
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