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  1. I deleted over 50 saves files and every time I launch the game up again they return. I have done this like 10 times they just won't stay gone and I'm trying to make room for other saves.
  2. Yes I agree. At least make it where it can be up to 6 people in a game and add more teens to choose from.
  3. Yeah I feel like they do need to let up a bit on fog when you have a gas mask on. Sometimes its difficult for me to see too.
  4. I made a post awhile back saying we need something to keep bugs away from our areas. Just like the lure trap we need something that does the exact opposite.
  5. The black ants are coming in a future update. I just hope they war with the red ants.
  6. Yeah it is. No bug can destroy it. Plus there isn't any scaffolds connected to the ground I have them on higher areas holding up the bridge. I started making the bridge from the top floor of my first base and just expanded from there.
  7. I think the armor in grounded would be a lot better if it gave the player the same ability from the bug they killed. For example we kill a stinkbug and craft the stinkbug armor and while we have the armor equipped we have a ability meter that builds up over time and once its full we can activate it and just like the stinkbug shoot out gas surrounding the bug or bugs we're fighting. Now a good ability for the beetle armor when crafted and equip would be the ability to have acid damage on all weapons for a short amount of time lets say 30 seconds. Now here is my favorite idea for the spider armor we pretty much become spiderman lmao. Wouldn't it be fun to jump a little higher and run faster, climb walls and web swing around the yard when the spider armor is equipped. Here's another idea how about a firefly armor with the ability that turns you into a walking flash light at night lol yeah I know we have the helmet but an entire armor would be better and another good ability would be to be able to shoot out the green goo that slows you down. That would be good crowd control when comes down to fighting a gang of larva or a gang of ants since they like to travel in packs. And a good ability for the bee armor and a mosquito armor would be the ability to fly. That way its a lot easier to fight them. I get irritated trying to fight either one cause they stay so high up in the air when you're trying to swing at them. So being able to fly too would put us on a even playing ground lol. As for the other armor the ladybug and ant armor is fine but the clover armor and grub armor could be a bit better.
  8. I was thinking they could add a machine gun that use arrows for ammunition or maybe pebblets.
  9. Yeah we definitely need boss fights. There needs to be different mission types instead of the same side quest that burgl gives out. And it would be cool if we can get those new mission types from someone else.
  10. You can be like me and build a base in the sky lol. I don't have to worry about anything. I have 3 levels with level 1 of course being the ground then level 2 is where a lot of bridges and pathways are at that leads to different areas in the yard. Then there is level 3 which is my main headquarters I call the sky city and I have everything I need there. I have all types of food to eat and all types of liquids you can drink. I have about 50 small houses/stores that has all resources and I have a few storage for my grass planks and weed stems that I use for future builds up there. On one side of the city It has all bug related resources and the other side has all the yard resources. I have a weapon shop with weapon mounts all over it and a armor shop with every armor. So when players join they can just pick out what weapon and armor they want to use.
  11. I been thinking the same thing for awhile now. The resources are there so it can definitely be done.
  12. Multiplayer definitely needs a fix. Anytime I hop in a friends game their base is always loading when I go away from it. And its always lagging to the point we have a hard time fighting the bugs together. And also the games makes it seem we're in another area when we are right there in each others face. I think the recent updates cause this because it this wasn't happening a month ago.
  13. Mosquitos should not aggro when there is a big weed stem wall built between me and them. Their aggro trigger needs a few more adjustments in my opinion. You don't even have to be close for them to target you.
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