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New Armor with abilities similar to bugs.

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I think the armor in grounded would be a lot better if it gave the player the same ability from the bug they killed. For example we kill a stinkbug and craft the stinkbug armor and while we have the armor equipped we have a ability meter that builds up over time and once its full we can activate it and just like the stinkbug shoot out gas surrounding the bug or bugs we're fighting. Now a good ability for the beetle armor when crafted and equip would be the ability to have acid damage on all weapons for a short amount of time lets say 30 seconds. Now here is my favorite idea for the spider armor we pretty much become spiderman lmao. Wouldn't it be fun to jump a little higher and run faster, climb walls and web swing around the yard when the spider armor is equipped. Here's another idea how about a firefly armor with the ability that turns you into a walking flash light at night lol yeah I know we have the helmet but an entire armor would be better and another good ability would be to be able to shoot out the green goo that slows you down. That would be good crowd control when comes down to fighting a gang of larva or a gang of ants since they like to travel in packs. And a good ability for the bee armor and a mosquito armor would be the ability to fly. That way its a lot easier to fight them. I get irritated trying to fight either one cause they stay so high up in the air when you're trying to swing at them. So being able to fly too would put us on a even playing ground lol. As for the other armor the ladybug and ant armor is fine but the clover armor and grub armor could be a bit better.

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