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  1. Completed everything after 2 weeks of on and off gameplay. Only reason I'm still playing is to help the wiki complete the Patches list.
  2. Fans have already gotten a good wiki going. There should be more information there. Also, some of the perks in the SPS skill tree are actually incorrect. Execute doesn't have a perk that allows more damage on a bleeding target. There may be more inconsistencies, but I'm not sure. spsot.wikia.com/wiki/Classes
  3. I can usually do about 12k damage with all the perks which increase damage when opponents suffer status ailments. But my Backstab can only target one opponent, so I guess it's only good for boss battles. How much does Plagues of Egypt do to everyone?
  4. I think it's usually only with the abilities and beginning stats. Other then that, every class can equip anything. Fighters focus on taking and dealing damage, starting with more Armor. They can dish out a large amount of damage, and take large amounts of it, too. Most of their attacks are single-target, but there's one that strikes everything with a large amount of power, I believe. Mages focus on special and magic attacks, starting with more then usual PP and more Mana. They tend to lack armor for most of the game, but they're a major glass cannon. Thieves focus on status effects to whittle HP down, starting with less then average stats, but have Special Attacks that inflict status effects. A lot of them. They rarely have armor and tend to use vampirism to circumvent that problem. Jews focus on a high-risk, high-reward gameplay with average stats, with armor and weaponry that focuses on their suffering to empower them. Their starting gloves cause them to take 5% more bleed damage. I believe they gain access to Holy damage weapons at some point in the game, which no other class does, unless they side with Kyle and defeat a certain someone with a holy hammer.
  5. Do you have any patches which grant vampirism, regeneration, and bonus healing? These can help a bit if you don't have any potions. Also, don't forget about the hidden chests and the looting of aliens. If you look around a bit, you could also find some speed potions and extra supplies. Once you're at the edge of the room, hit the first two aliens with an arrow (Don't bother with the crappy gun unless you don't have any other good ranged weapon) and strike them. Drink a speed potion if you have it, or be good at blocking. Focus on killing the boss first, as he's going to cause a lot of damage. Do anything you can to cause a stun or status effect to speed this process up. If you set him on fire, then you can use the Cup a Spell to cause massive damage to him. It's likely that you found a fire patch somewhere, so equip that to your ranged weapon and go beat them already. I believe that you also get some alien armor there that gives you 3 shields to use, so that's definately helpful.
  6. Well, they're not in the current game. But there's always the chance of DLC for another adventure!
  7. I think it's all dependent on if you like multiple small hits or single large hits. Personally, I use the Vibroblade, as it inflicts about 1600 damage x4 at max, and 500 of that damage ignores armor if the opponent isn't immune to Gross damage. Even has one slot for the Bayonet that you can buy just before Betrayal From Within. 5 stacks of instant bleed is nothing to laugh at. But in terms of raw damage, I'm not too sure. I've only used the katana for about 15 minutes while I was grinding for cash in order to get the Full Arsenal achievement. So the question you should ask yourself in the end is this: Do I want raw, large power, or should I go for smaller hits with status effects?
  8. Have you tried using your index finger to poke the button at a faster rate? I don't think doing it with your thumb will work well. It's something I do when I need to mash buttons in a game.
  9. I've tested this on a few other PC's with Steam, and I've found that using any chaining ranged attack that KO's a Craig clone usually resulted in a game lock, in which I could hover my cursor over an action, and the game wouldn't register it. I always ended up using another weapon and prolonging the fight. Can someone look into this? It only ever seems to happen for that fight.
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