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    South Park: The Stick of Truth, Mother 3, many other games, being an achievement whore (Got all 50 in the new SP game!), eating everything in sight.
  1. These are some suggestions I've come up with for the game. I've played it for a while now and came up with plenty of basic ideas for the future. If any seem overpowered, please tell me and give feedback on how to make it better. I'd appreciate it! Tweaks -Spider Dagger is overwhelmingly weak for the material requirement. Change Poison on it to activate more often to compete with Larva Dagger. -Crow Feathers are both rare and only seem to give one piece each, while also despawning randomly. Up to 6 would be more fair and would allow more Feather Arrows to be crafte
  2. These are some possible bugs I've noticed over time. Maybe we can get them fixed. -Mushroom Planter/Dew Collector resources stick where they are if the structure is moved, structure will no longer produce if floating resources aren't collected. Mushroom Planter may require re-building. -FPS issues in base. Sometimes high, sometimes low, no consistency. -Spiders and koi fish snagging on geometry constantly. Likely known. -Bird Bath zipline doesn't spawn a start point. At least, on our file it didn't. Might not be a bug.
  3. As it is now, you can add...literally anything to the smoothie station. I was surprised when I turned a lot of junk spider webs and rotten meat into standard Smoothies. Easy healing there. Limiting it to known smoothie ingredients would make it more balanced. Granted, one could simply use 3 of the same plant materials to make a standard smoothie, but would you rather drink that or mint mallet mixed with spider venom and a stinkbug sack?
  4. Completed everything after 2 weeks of on and off gameplay. Only reason I'm still playing is to help the wiki complete the Patches list.
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