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  1. As the title says, my mouse cursor goes invisible after I select a spell/ability when trying to target something in combat. I've tried fullscreen and windowed mode but it still happens in either setting. Windows 7 64bit gtx 980 driver 347.88
  2. The game is free-roam, lets you continue to play your character after the main story. Took me in total 20 hours to finish everything. I would say replay value is decent. Playing with a different class would be a totally different experience in terms of combat. The story however will not change, there are no choices that you can make to make it different in another playthrough which is definitely a negative.
  3. I also have absolutely no idea how to use these magic attacks with weapons either. Press W like it says when the weapon flashes, and nothing happens. Also, this game was at least 18 hours of gameplay, you definitely missed some side-missions. lol.
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