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  1. As the title says, my mouse cursor goes invisible after I select a spell/ability when trying to target something in combat. I've tried fullscreen and windowed mode but it still happens in either setting. Windows 7 64bit gtx 980 driver 347.88
  2. we aren't talking about ACHIEVEMENTS that can be missed. We're talking about in-game content that you cannot access again, even though we're allowed to run around after we visit these places just so we can run up to a door that is locked. I want to complete the in-game collectables as much as the next person because its a part of the actual game, that doesn't have anything to do with an achievement. Also, games that do what you suggest, generally suck and generally do not allow the player to continue to free-roam in the games world afterwards. The point is, there's no reason these locations shouldn't be able to be accessed again. Being able to "miss" actual in-game content and not be able to collect it afterwards is absurd. It's weak game design.
  3. bumping this, in an attempt to potentially get this game fixed somehow.
  4. If all the classes are not different from each other, other than their abilities, then the mage is clearly the more superior class.
  5. These two abilities are quite bad to be honest. You should focus on the last 3 for the warrior.
  6. I'm kind of confused right now regarding the classes. I mean, does a warrior actually hit for more damage with a sword over a mage using the same gear? Or are all the classes exactly the same other than the abilities that they have?
  7. I agree completely that it is a nightmare for completionists. There are even facebook friends you can completely miss and do not have any chance or opportunity to become facebook friends. At the end of the game I only had 116 friends out of 120, on top of missing that 1 chinpokomon. I went back to canada, in every house, and talked to every npc in the entire south park town and somehow still have 4 missing friends that, apparently, can no longer be accessed. (one or more being related to me missing the shoe chinpokomon). Now I don't hunt for achievements in games, but I do like completing a game as fully as it allows me. They are two different things from each other, and I am quite pissed off that I cannot complete the friends page and the chinpokomon page, and even the weapons and armors page. 4 friends and 1 chinpokomon, and no way to complete it now. It feels like having a completely broken experience at the end of it all no matter how much I actually enjoyed the story and jokes, even though it still pointlessly allows me to run around the town, without being able to finish the collections in the game. Why on earth would you allow the player to continue playing the game afterwards if they CANNOT complete their collections ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Either way, anything in this game that is considered collectable, be it a friend or an item, should be 100% fully accessible after you beat the end of the game. Then it would actually give purpose to the fact that we're allowed to still run around the place after we beat the last mission. What's the point though if we aren't allowed to collect the stuff we missed afterwards ??? This needs to be patched. Any item, friend, or chinpokomon should be able to be accessed after you finish the game. I have absolutely no idea why we're allowed to only visit Clydes tower once. Frankly that's bad design. Same goes for inside the alien ship, that is a 1 time trip only, and the abortion clinic (unplanned parenthood). Even parts of the school are locked off to you at the end of the game. Why the hell are all these places blocked at the end of the game ????????????????? Putting a collectable item in a place that you are only allowed to visit one time in the game, is what I like to refer to as r-tardnation. Why would you do this and then allow the player to be able to continue to explore the game? How are they supposed to complete the in-game collections, magical ass fairies? Are they simply supposed to /shrug, completely wipe their save file that has 20+ hours on it and remake a new character due to inept game design? Yeah, there's definitely something wrong with that. This game was great, I had absolutely nothing negative to say about it at all, but after this... yeah, I'm pissed off. There is NO Reason to allow the player to continue running around after they have beat everything in the game if they are unable to finish their collections. It is an absolutely STUPID way to force the player to replay the game if they have missed something in one of these critically inept areas of game design. inexcusable. I don't even feel like replaying it now after typing this. I was going to do so because I enjoyed the game immensely and wanted to try another class but this is just inexcusable game design in 2014. I find it insulting, especially when we're allowed to continue to run around after we beat every single mission in the game yet cannot finish the collections.
  8. The game is free-roam, lets you continue to play your character after the main story. Took me in total 20 hours to finish everything. I would say replay value is decent. Playing with a different class would be a totally different experience in terms of combat. The story however will not change, there are no choices that you can make to make it different in another playthrough which is definitely a negative.
  9. I also have absolutely no idea how to use these magic attacks with weapons either. Press W like it says when the weapon flashes, and nothing happens. Also, this game was at least 18 hours of gameplay, you definitely missed some side-missions. lol.
  10. I know, that's why I'm bringing it up. It makes it impossible to finish both the friends AND the chinpokomon collections.
  11. It's the last one I need, and from what I understand its at Clydes tower. I finished the game though, and Clydes house is locked. Why can't I revisit his tower ??
  12. After the house part in the very beginning I got a message saying I had stuff in my chest after I left the house (and gave kenny the flour the first time). It could very well be a bug, not sure. I got my items though. They aren't anything special at all though, you get better gear at roughly level 3-5 anyway, so it is pretty meaningless in the long run if you want to just keep playing.
  13. I also got this bug in the very beginning. I reloaded the save and managed to finish it after though.
  14. I registered just to say that I am also having the exact same problem. I've also tried everything (PC VERSION) and it appears to be bugged. Nothing works,
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